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'We Got Buns, Hun!' Aims to Place 50 Rabbits into New Homes in Eight Days

Sep 12, 2015 10:02AM ● By Bill Gilman

'We Got Buns, Hun!' Aims to Place 50 Rabbits into New Homes in Eight Days

 On the heels of a successful summer cat adoptathon in which 156 cats were placed into new homes in just one weekend, the MSPCA-Angell today announced eight days of fee-waived rabbit adoptions beginning Saturday, Sept. 12.

All three MSPCA adoption centers—in Boston, Methuen and Centerville—will participate in the adoptathon, dubbed “We Got Buns, Hun!”  The standard rabbit adoption fee of $75 will be waived from Sept. 12-10, in an effort to place as many rabbits into permanent homes as possible.

In addition to the MSPCA is hosting several “Rabbit Fest” educational seminars for rabbit owners and enthusiasts to learn about advanced rabbit care topics, including bonding and clicker training.  Readers can click here for more details on these special educational seminars.

Adopt, Don’t Buy!
A key driver for the adoptathon is the steady increase in the volume of rabbit surrenders in all three of the MSPCA’s adoption centers, a trend that strains both space and financial resources.  There are currently 50 rabbits living at the MSPCA’s adoption centers in Massachusetts. 

Rabbits 101

Rabbits make wonderful family pets for both individuals and families, and have personalities as distinctive as those of cats and dogs.  Rabbits are quiet and easy to keep—many adopters have even trained their rabbits to use litter boxes.   The MSPCA maintains a thorough online rabbit care and adoption resource page to provide would-be adopters with everything they need to know before bringing a rabbit home.

The adoptathon runs from Sept. 12 to Sept. 20.  Information about MSPCA-Angell adoption center locations and hours of operation can be found here.  Funding for the We Got Buns, Hun! adoptathon has been provided by MSPCA-Angell donors committed to the joint cause of educating the public on responsibility pet ownership and finding permanent homes for every animal in the organization’s care. 


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