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Planning Board To Address Frasier Road Project Tonight

Sep 14, 2015 01:06PM ● By Bill Gilman

Town Hall.

Earlier this month, nearly 30 residents packed the Temporary Town Hall for what they thought was a Planning Board public hearing related to a residential development project on Frasier Road.
The residents left, angered, when they learned the hearing had been postponed because of errors made with the public notice.
Many of those same residents are expected to be on hand tonight at 7 p.m., when the Planning Board once again looks to address the request by developer Arnie Martel for an exemption to the land removal permit requirement.
Martel is planning to build 25 single family homes on the Frasier Road land and the removal of the ledge is a key component of the project.
The sheer scope of the earth-removal project sparked complaints by the North Tewksbury Association, who allege that the work being done and the flow of trucks to and from the site are disrupting the neighborhood.
In an interview last month with the Town Crier, Attorney Karin Theodoros claims the activity generates nuisance-level noise and even causes homes to shake. She says the volume of earth removed and trucks involved amounts to a professional sand and gravel operation, which zoning by laws do not allow in that area of town.
Martel has denied those allegations and said he is simply trying to remove the necessary amount of ledge so that he can complete the project.
Town officials agree that Martel is not running a sand and gravel operation. However, they did determine that the land disturbance permit was needed. While new land removal has been forbidden since Aug. 10, Martel has been allowed to continue other facets of site work.
Tonight, Martel is asking the Planning Board to grant an exemption from needing the land removal permit. If that request is rejected, Martel would need to file the permit request, which would then require separate action by the Planning Board and, likely, a second hearing.

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