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Innovative Teacher, Latest Technology Revolutionize Foreign Language At TMHS

Oct 01, 2015 10:48AM ● By Bill Gilman

The state of the art language lab at Tewksbury High.

(Editor's Note: The following information was submitted by the Tewksbury Public School District.)

Tewksbury Memorial High School proudly presents an outstanding Spanish teacher who is transforming Spanish instruction. 

Upon arrival to Senora Graca Dudley’s Spanish class participating in the language lab at Tewksbury Memorial High School, students are conversing in Spanish to each other while Dudley oversees the student work. The $144,000 state of the art language lab allows students to learn a foreign language at their own pace and while permitting the teacher differentiates the instruction. 

"The language lab provides our students the opportunity to engage their listening and visual learning skills.  When students are learning it is important for them to engage as many senses as possible in the process.  This becomes particularly important when they are learning a foreign language," said TMHS Principal Kristen Vogel. 

“The use of the lab reduces competition among students because the students are taught to achieve at their own pace,” Dudley said. 

The use of Technology extends beyond the language lab. Dudley uses the classroom Smart Board to preview the online textbook to the entire class. 

“The use of these tech tools gives teachers at TMHS more chances to work with students,” Dudley explained. 

Dudley brings nearly 20 years of experience from Tyngsboro, Florida and TMHS to give students a wide variety of insights about the Spanish language and culture. 

“One program at TMHS is called Classroom Without Walls.  This use of experiential learning brings TMHS students in direct contact with different countries and cultures first hand,” Dudley said. 

“The use of this type of learning has direct links to the Tewksbury Public Schools mission statement." Dudley said. 

In 2015, TMHS 35 students traveled to Puerto Rico where they hiked in the rain forest and visited old San Juan. Upon their return, students presented their 120 hours of work and experiences to parents and other students. The use of experiential learning shapes critical thinking communication and collaboration. 

The mission statement states "To educate and challenge all learners in the Tewksbury Public Schools community while supporting their development as well prepared and productive members of the global society."

  The next trip will be to Costa Rica during the February 2016 vacation. For more information concerning this trip, contact Dudley at

Tewksbury Memorial High School offers, in addition to Spanish, Latin and French as foreign language options. 

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