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Project 250: Little Victories, Hard Realities, Big Decisions

Oct 26, 2015 02:38PM ● By Bill Gilman
I can plank.
At least Kait, my trainer, tells me I can.
She also tells me that's a good thing, an achievement.
OK, I'll go along with that. Here I was thinking it was just getting in position to do pushups and then not actually doing the pushups.
Planking it is! I'll take the little victories where I can get them. Three months into Project 250, I've hit a wall. And spray-painted on that wall in giant black letters are the words, "This is going to take a long freaking time and a lot of freaking hard work."
There's a chance it might also read, "just figuring that out now, dumbass?" I'm not sure.
But seriously, right? I came into this weighing 426 pounds. It has taken me more than 25 years to balloon up to this weight. Was I really thinking the weight would just melt off now that I was working out and eating intelligently?
Expecting? No.
Hoping? Well, sure, that would have been nice.
Instead, it's a pound here, two pounds there. Bit by bit, piece by piece.
I'm at 393 pounds. That's down 33 pounds since I started this endeavor. That's good, I know. People keep reassuring me. And since working out with Kait at Tewksbury Sports Club, I've gotten stronger and my cardio has improved, as well.
Patience has just never been one of my strong suits. I wish I could jjust have a "do-over" you know. It's like, "ok, I know how I need to eat now and I know I need to stay active. Let's just put me back at 250 pounds and we'll go from there."
However, that's not how these things work.
As of right now, my bariatric surgery will likely take place in January. I have two moire appointments with my Nutritionist Liz to fulfill my insurance requirements. I also have to finish up a handful of the online classes.
Maybe I have too much time to think about the surgery ... or maybe it's exactly the right amount of time. Not sure.
But there are still questions I need to answer. Do I want the bypass surgery or the "sleeve" surgery? Do I still want the surgery at all. I know, that sounds like a weird question at this point of the process, but I've had two different people suggest that since I was doing so well on my nutrition and fitness plans, I might not need the surgery after all.
I suppose they are right. I'm losing about 2.5 pounds per week, which is ideal. That might drop some to 1.5-2 pounds a week as I get lighter.
At that rate, it would take me about 18 months to hit my goal.
I'm not sure I want to wait that long. And I'm not I can avoid backsliding again in the future if I don't have the surgery.
With the surgery, it will take about a year to hit my goal weight and the change to my stomach will help me stay on track and not backslide.
One way or another -- surgery or no surgery -- I'm continuing on my quest to 250. And one way or another, the road will be long and it will take a great deal of hard work, sweat and continued support from my friends and family.
Onward and downward!!
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