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Traffic Alert: Route 38 Paving Scheduled For Sunday

Nov 06, 2015 12:26AM ● By Bill Gilman
(Editor's note: The following information was provided by the State Highway Department.)

Construction: Tewksbury-Resurfacing and Related Work along a Section of Route 38 Contract 85583
Contractor: Brox Industries
Update: Work completed to date includes project wide roadway milling and paving of first lift of Intermediate course Hot Mix Asphalt. All Traffic Signal loops have been cut into the Binder course. All Loops currently active although a damaged section of conduit was discovered between the 495 NB off- ramp and the 495 SB on-ramp, along the easterly line of Rte 38, that is preventing the signals from talking to each other at those intersections.

The conduit will be replaced during the week of Nov. 1-6 and new wire to be pulled to complete the signal work. RR Bridge deck repairs are 100% complete.

Paving of the deck is scheduled for Sunday evening, Nov. 8. This shift will begin at 5PM as we need appropriate temperatures to place the specialized, waterproof pavement. It is anticipated to take approximately 4 hours to complete the bridge paving.

Sidewalk, Curb-work and H/C Ramps approximately 90% complete. All work in this category should be completed before the end of this construction season. Drainage work included in the plans is 90% complete. Upon start up of this work it was discovered that a majority of the Manhole Frame and Covers were deteriorated.

The Contract did not call for new Castings on the project but District 4 has determined that replacing the castings is both cost effective and a safety improvement at this time. This additional work will commence in the next week or two. Castings will be set to intermediate grade for the time being. Long range outlook: Due to the falling temperatures and the nature of the final top course of paving and the permanent Thermoplastic pavement markings, final completion of this project will not occur until early Spring 2016.

All major components of work will be complete and safe for winter weather, with the exception of final paving and permanent pavement markings.

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