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Old Police Station, Hardy-Pike House Set To Be Demolished

Nov 20, 2015 11:07AM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Town Hall at 9 a.m., photo by Mark Kratman.

The Hardy-Pike House, at 464 Main St., has taken on many roles in the lives of Tewksbury residents over the years.
Since its construction in 1790, it has been a residence, a restaurant (more than once), a cafe/book store and, most recently, temporary Town Hall. In a short period of time, it will be a parking lot, as part of the neighboring Ira Toyota car dealership, which owns building and the land it sits on.
The Board of Selectmen held its final meeting at the historic building on Nov. 17. Town offices are set to relocate to the renovated Town Hall next week. According to Town Manager Richard Montuori, the only response to two request for bids to purchase and relocate the building came from the Tewksbury Historical Society, which offered to pay $1 and relocate the historic core of the building to a patch of land located along Route 38 near Vic's Waffle House, which is presently home to the Wamesit Indian Statue.
Additions added to the building more recently cannot be moved.
According to Historical Society President David Marcus, the society is working, with the backing of state Rep. Jim Miceli, to get ownership of the land transferred from the State Highway Department to either the town or to the State Parks Department and turn the land into an official, albeit small, state park.
Montuori told selectmen that while he appreciates the efforts of the society, he doesn't consider its plan to be viable. Town officials plan to appear before the Historic Commission on Dec. 2 to request a waiver of the normal six-month waiting period before a historic building can be demolished.
"We're out of options," he said.
The town is likely to face opposition to its request from the Historical Society, which will be asking the commission to use its authority to delay the demolition while it continues its efforts with the state.

Old Police Station Sold

While the fate of the Hardy-Pike House is still in flux, the future of the old Police Station has been determined.
According to Montuori, MDR Construction of Tewksbury was the only bidder for the building, which has stood vacant for more than a decade. At its Nov. 17 meeting, selectmen voted unanimously to accept the bid of $165,000.
Because the town has joint ownership of the property with the state, the proceeds from the sale will have to be split.
It is not known, at this time, what MDR's plans are for the property.
The selectmen also gave permission to Montuori to enter into an agreement with American Environmental to demolish and clear away the building. According to Montuori, American Environmental submitted a bid of $142,000, the lowest of five bids received for the project.
"The actual cost could go up or down a little bit based on how much hazardous material they have to remove," he said.
The money for the demolition has already been approved by Town Meeting voters.

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