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Project 250: This Thanksgiving Will Be A Bit Different (But I'm Still Having My Pie)

Nov 26, 2015 04:05AM ● By Bill Gilman
OK, so first the good news.
I'm down to 385 pounds. That's down 41 pounds since I began this adventure over the summer.
I want to be able to appreciate that achievement. I do feel good about it. It's been accomplished through hard work, a fabulous team supporting me and the Grace of God.
But the devil doesn't want me looking at the positive progress. He keeps reminding me that I still have 135 pounds to go to reach my goal weight. What's more, he likes to try and convince me that somehow I'll screw it up and gain back everything I've lost.
And he's loud.
Now for the bad news.
We are on the cusp of the holiday season. The next six weeks are the most difficult of the year for anyone looking to lose weight and get healthy. Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about family and family gatherings. And for my family, family gatherings mean food, and lots of it.
Ok, so you're probably saying, "yeah, yeah, my family loves food, too."
No, you don't understand. You know how someone in the family always takes video at family parties? Yeah, well, if you peruse the videos of the Enwright Family Christmas parties over the past few decades and you'll always find a 30-45 second segment focused on every item in the pot luck buffet.
Every year, without fail.
So for me, this year will be a little bit different. Mindless munching is out the door. It has to be. Eating will be more deliberate, more thought out and disciplined.
This is where Liz, my nutritionist at the Center for Weight Management, has been super helpful. She's been able to give me some advice and helpful hints designed to allow me to enjoy my holiday meals without feeling deprived and without the guilt that comes with falling off the "Healthy Eating" wagon.
Most of the tips are common sense, though a few provide some new insights and perspectives.
Turkey is good. Skinless turkey is better. All the protein and none of the fat.
Green vegetables and carrots are always good.
Stuffing, mashed potatoes and rolls, not so much. Carbs/starches are the things I need to avoid.  I've never been a big bread guy, so that's not an issue. I'll stick with a small amount of stuffing and that will be it.
Now, if I play it smart during dinner, I should be able to reward myself with a slice (maybe two) of pumpkin pie. This is where the My Fitness Pal app on my I-Phone will come in really handy. By tracking my nutrition intake during the day, I'll be able to enjoy my pie without guilt.
Anyone who has struggled with obesity, food addiction or any type of eating disorder knows how powerful emotions are as part of the illness. Guilt is a destructive emotion and can turn a small slip up into a major backslide. Knowledge is power and being able to use knowledge to remove guilt from the equation is remarkably freeing.
The holidays will be challenging but with God's help, the encouragement and support of my wife Theresa and my sons, and guidance from my nutritionist Liz and my trainer at Tewksbury Sports Club, Kait Taylor, I won't be knocked off my path.
Today I am thankful for all of them.
During the course of the holiday season, I will also be jumping through the final hoops I need to jump through before they will schedule my gastric bypass surgery. There is one more appointment with my nutritionist and two additional classes I need to attend, including one I need to attend with my wife.
Once the T's have been crossed and the I's have been dotted, my surgery should take place some time in mid-January. And THAT is when things will get very interesting.
On behalf of the entire Gilman family and all of us here at Your Tewksbury Today, have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Project 250: Little Victories, Hard Realities, Big Decisions


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