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People You Know - Shayne Welch

Dec 17, 2015 03:42PM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

Shayne Welch and friends.

Imagine taking your family to Disney World.  It's a reality that many of us embark on every year.  We all love the idea of our kids seeing Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, and the princesses, and the Enchanted Castle. We all relish in the experiences that we will cherish forever.
Well for the Welch Family from Tewksbury, this was the idea in November.  My friend, Tewksbury Police Officer Jennie Welch and her husband Tyler did just that.  They made the trip to Disney with their three boys.  What they got was not only a lifetime of memories, but they also got a lesson in life from their 5 1/2 year old son Shayne.
Please read on and see what Shayne did that has the whole country a buzz and has his parents filled with pride and joy.

Hollie Gonzalez - Shayne, where do you go to school and what grade are you in?
Shayne Welch - I go to the Dewing School and I am in Kindergarten.
HG - What is your favorite subject in school so far?
SW - Gym!
HG - Do you have any brothers or sisters?
SW - I have a twin brother Gavyn, and an older brother Robbie who is 9 years old.
HG - Were you guys excited to be going to Disney World?
SW - Yes, very much.
HG - How about the airplane ride?  Was this your first time on a plane?
SW - It was my first time.  I didn't really like the ride.  It was too long.  But I liked looking out the window and seeing the clouds in the sky and seeing the sun and how orange it was.
HG - What was your favorite ride at Disney?
SW - I really liked Splash Mountain.  That was fun.
HG - Were you scared?
SW - No, but my brothers were.
HG - Mom told me that you guys went to the gift shop to get some things.  What did your brothers pick out?
SW - Gavyn picked out at magnetic notebook, and Robbie got a hat with Mickey Mouse in a Mohawk.
HG - What did you get?
SW - I got an autograph book.
Jennie tells me that she always carries notebooks in her pocketbook so the kids can practice writing and learning their alphabet and spelling their names.  She says she explained to Shayne how the autograph book was to get the autographs of Disney characters as they happened along them throughout the park.
HG - Shayne, tell us whose autograph you wanted to get?
SW - I saw a police officer in the park and asked my parents if I could go and get his for my book.
HG - What happened next?
SW - I walked up to him and told him that I wanted him to sign my autograph book.  He bent down on one knee and told me that he would love to sign my book.  We talked for a little while.  He told me that he loved my Mohawk and that he used to have one in the summertime when he was younger.  He was a really nice policeman.
This really nice policeman was Deputy Keith Rogers from the Orange County Sheriff's office.  Jennie tells me that he was more than happy to sign Shayne's autograph book and was happy to be chosen for an autograph over Mickey Mouse.
HG - Shayne, how come you wanted to get a policeman's autograph?
SW - Because they keep you safe.  They protect you and make you feel good.  Plus he reminded me of my mom and how she helps people.
HG - What do you think about police officers like your mom and Deputy Rogers?
SW - They are brave.  They are my hero's.  I am very happy that they keep us safe.  It's pretty cool that my mom is one.
HG - What do you want to be when you grow up?
SW - A famous football player!  I want to play for the New England Patriots.  My favorite players are Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.
As the story continues, Jennie snapped a picture of the moment and sent it off to the Orange County Sheriff's office with at Thank you for the Deputy.  The Orange County Sheriff's office asked her if they could post it on their Facebook page.  She said yes.  Well before Jennie and her family knew it, she was getting calls and emails from all over the country.  The Today Show actually reached out to her and asked if they could run the story.  Local news stations from Florida to Texas began emailing her and telling her that the story went viral.  Viral she says?  What an amazing thing.  The small innocent act of kindness from a 5 1/2 year old boy make the world go round.  These are the things I like to share with you.  I love knowing that there are still feel good stories out there.  The Welch family is so proud of Shayne and how he was able to give a lot of people an "aww" moment.  In his eyes, the men and women of our police department are in the same league if not higher than Mickey and Minnie.  That is saying a lot!  A few people have since asked Shayne for his autograph!  How does Shayne feel about his new found stardom?  He asks if he now has fans?  Yes Shayne, you now have fans.  You have fans from Florida to Texas and back again.  And you certainly have fans here in Tewksbury.  Well done.
Quick 5 - Shayne Welch
Favorite Disney Character - Mickey Mouse
Play Xbox or play football - both, I would play Xbox first then football
Favorite Cartoon - Charlie Brown
Pasta or Pizza - both
If you had one superpower, what would it be - To be invisible so bad guys couldn't see me and I could get them
(Hollie Gonzalez lives in Tewksbury with her husband and two children.  She is very passionate about her town.)
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