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TGBL Roundup: Terriers Bite Eagles, Liberty Gets The Best Of Storm

Dec 23, 2015 12:28PM ● By Bill Gilman

(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by the TGBL.)


Terriers: 33 vs. Eagles: 18

The Terriers had another great team weekend.  Each player contributed with either points, rebounds or blocked shots.  Center Abby Demos, the team leader in blocks, helped shut down the Eagle offense in the key.  Megan Geyer pulled down numerous defensive rebounds to help start the offense.  Erica Hinkle (6pts) and Abby Hansbury (5pts) played both the guard and forward positions, playing great defense in both and contributing to breaking the press.  Kassidy MacDonald (6pts) also played the dual role of center and forward, helping Demos defend the key against strong Eagle forwards.  Michelle Hinkle and Grace Dockery were relentless on defense and took advantage of scoring opportunities, leading to both players scoring 8 points each.  The Wolverines visited the Cougars in the fourth game of the season and where able to come away with the victory, 43-14. The Wolverines came out strong in the first quarter scoring 13 points which set the tone for the entire game. Olivia Paulding led all Wolverine scorers with 12 points in the game, followed by Alyssa Marchelletta (11), Abby MacAllister (8), Emily Walker and Sarah Hunt (4 each) and Jessica Hickey and Brooke Woodman (2 each).  Team defense was on display throughout the entire game for the Wolverines. The Wolverines recorded 42 rebounds in the game led by Hickey and Woodman with 10 each, followed by Paulding and Hunt with 6 each, MacAllister (5), Walker (3) and Marchelletta (2). A complete team effort by the Wolverines as each player scored in the game and each player recorded rebounds.

Eagles: 18 vs. Terriers: 33

The Eagles suffered their first loss of the season 33 to 18 to the Terriers. The game was close in the first half, but the Terriers pulled away in the second half. The Eagles put forth a good team effort and played hard to the end. Their scoring came from Madison Stovesand 9, Catalina Burke 3, Megan Boudreau 2, Jacyln Dillon 2, and Rose Stobel 2. On the defensive end, Amanda Moreria, Alyssandra Ragusa and Hanna Kocsmiersky were the standouts. Look the Eagles to get back on the winning track in their next game.

 Jayhawks: 37 vs. Huskies: 22

The Girls In Town Basketball program held week 4 this past weekend and the Jayhawks visited the Huskies.  The Jayhawks hit the 1st quarter hard with a 10-0 lead with some great passing from Erin Mclntyre (7 points on the day including 1 for 1 at the line) and Brianna Landoli (2pts).  In the 2nd Quarter the Huskies came back to tie the game up at the half to make it 14-14 but Jordan Gardner had some great rebounds and some very aggressive defense providing her Team with (6pts on the day).   In the 3rd Quarter MaryKate Callinan lite up the score board and obtained the lead back for the Jayhawks with a total of (20 points on the day).  Her points were a result of some great passing from Madison Kearney and Kayla Mirisola   In the 4th quarter the Jayhawks defense was led by Maisan Nyuyen (2 for 2 at the line today), she had 4 steals to help secure the victor for her team.  The Jayhawks game ball award went to Jordan Gardner for her great efforts on both sides of the ball.

Waves: 31 vs. Cardinals: 15

The Waves had a strong game with Katie Polimeno scoring a game total of 14 points. Ashely Demers, Maeve Cahill, Samira Cook and Kendal Von Kahle each contributed 2 points, while Izabella Moiera (2pt), Lexi Polimeno (7pts),  Danielle Wilson and Madison Pierce (3 pts) were great on rebounding and holding the Cardinals back on defense.  Christina and Courtney Capachietti and Kylie Galvin each scored 4 points for the Cardinals.  While Olivia Burns (1pt) and Kristen Curley (2 pts) each contributed both on offense and defense.  The Waves won with final score of 31-15, both teams played hard and had a great game.

Cardinals: 15 vs. Waves: 31

The Cardinals were hoping to come back this week on the winning side against the strong Waves squad.   Our girls started the game out very evenly with Christina Capachietti, Kristen Curley, Ava Piccolo, Olivia Burns, and Kylie Galvin, staying toe to toe with the Waves. Our second squad came in and also started out playing very evenly with the Waves.  Bella Dematos, Courtney Capachietti, Olivia Burns, Kylie Galvin, and Becca Langone tried hard to keep pace. Soon though the Waves strengths started to shine through.   They were able to penetrate our press defense and find their open girl on many plays, amassing a double digit lead into the half.  The Cardinals never gave up and made small chips at the lead, but alas the better team won the game today.  Our Cardinals worked hard and scoring for the team were Kylie Galvin- 4 points, Courtney Capachietti -4 points, Kristen Curley- 2, Christina Capachietti-4, and Olivia Burns- 1 point.  We will enjoy the Christmas break to rest and relax for the games coming in January.  


Storm: 4 vs Liberty: 10 

Well, game 4 for the Storm was a game to forget as we lost to Liberty 10-4. It was a difficult game for both teams but Liberty got more baskets than Storm for the win.  On some brighter points of the game for Storm Emily Tryder and Darya Mehrabani both had 2 points each.   On the defensive side of the ball Cassidy Paige and Skylar Auth each had multiple steals, Madelyn Montejo finished with 4 rebounds.  Brooklyn DeGrechie and Dakota Malizia helped on offense on assisting in the scoring.  The girls are improving each week and sometimes they just have a bad game and this was one of them.  Storm will regroup after the holiday to get ready for the Rockers.  

Mystics: 15 vs. Comets: 6

The Mystics were able to secure their first win of the season behind their smothering defense against the Comets. The stellar defensive play of Morgan Crowley, Adrianna Damiano and Jillian Waugh kept the Comets from driving to the hoop and were able to take away the baseline all morning. Combined with Rebecca Boudreau, Emma Ryan, Lauren Bielecki and Avery Della Piana clogging up the middle and grabbing key rebounds, and Stephanie Mercurio doing an excellent job at intercepting passes on top, the Mystics made it difficult for the Comets to get much going on offense. The Mystics were lead in scoring by Victoria Catanzano (10), Tia Smith(3) and Jillian Waugh(2). Catanzano was able to explode for 8 points in the first quarter, and allowed the Mystics to focus on their defense. The Mystics were very pleased to secure the victory heading into the holiday break! 


Suns vs. Jazz

The Suns got back on the winning track with a nail biter. Sophie Eskenas lead the way pouring in 10 points including some clutch free throws. Leanne Durham had 8 and controlled the boards on both ends. Christine Santos pumped in 4 points and 2 late to seal the victory.  Emily Puccia and Emily Chmela also had 4 each that were huge hoops to keep the Suns close enough to start a late comeback. Kristina Johnson and Grace Morris rounded out the scoring dropping 2 important points apiece.  Ang Carew was a defensive giant again shutting down the opponent’s scorers.  Sansan Ngyen controlled the defensive boards rebounding anything that she touched to start the comeback.


Tewksbury 5A: 27 Vs. Chelmsford: 16

Tewksbury played perhaps their finest game of the young season in cruising to the 27-16 victory. Victoria Catanzaro led the way with 5points and 9 steals pressuring both sides of the court. Victoria Lavargna and Sam Ryan led all scorers with 6 points each. Maddy Montejo continues to provide tremendous play in the middle with her height and awareness. Jamie Constantino had her best game of the season with 4 points and good defense. Riley Veits had a quiet game offensively but was a force on defense with 5 steals, 3 blocked shots, and some big rebounds. Kiley Kennedy had four points and was a pest down low against the taller Chelmsford team.  Katrina Macdonald had two steals and was instrumental in the final four minutes against the press. Carrina Barron added four steals and was a big part of pressuring the Chelmsford Defense. Vanessa Green also continues to display an advanced awareness of the offense and her aggressive play will pay dividends moving forward.  Mia Bisso added two points on a great shot surrounded by the tall Chelmsford front court.   Tewksbury continues to develop and is holding their own in the RVL’s top division!

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