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People You Know: The Mecherkany Family Of Bernard Jewelers

Jan 14, 2016 06:13AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez
If you have been in Tewksbury for a while, you have to know Bernard Jewelers.  They could almost be considered a landmark at this point.  Bernard Jewelers is currently located in its final resting place according to its owner Suzan Mecherkany at 1099 Main St.  This is the third and final location of this iconic jewelry store.  I was lucky enough to go visit with Suzan and her daughters Alex, and Gabi last week.  They are so sweet and personable.  I have been to their store so many times.  You name it, my family and I have been there for it and have had only positive, and maybe sometimes emotional visits.  If you think this is some insane out of your reach Boston jewelers, well you should take another look at Bernard Jewelers.  They are quite the opposite.  Please read on and see for yourself.
Hollie Gonzalez - Please tell me the history of Bernard Jewelers.
Suzan Mecherkany - Well my husband Bernard started apprenticing right out of high school at the Jewelers Building.  He knew that this is what he wanted to do.  The owners of the place he worked at didn't want him to leave and start his own business, because he was that good.  He started slow and was doing jewelry repairs for other such as Carters.  He loved it so much that his dream of owning his own store finally became a reality in 1989.  Our first store was in Germano Park, then 2144 Main Street, and now here at 1099 Main Street.  We were finally able to buy our own building.  This is it.  The perfect location.  This is where we will be forever now.
HG - And the kids work here too right?
SM - Yes, both of my daughters Alex, and Gabi work here.
HG - Out of curiosity, why do they work here? 
Gabi Mecherkany - It's in our blood.  We were born into this.  This is what we know and we know it well.  It is like second nature to us.  My sister and I know all the ins and outs of this business and would not want to work anywhere else.  We are continuing to further our education in this business and learn everything we can about it.  We go away to schools and classes so that we can be up to date on all the technology and new things that are constantly coming out in this market. 
Alex Mecherkany - It would be weird if we worked anywhere else.
SM - My daughters are the future owners of Bernard Jewelers. 
HG - Why stay here in Tewksbury when you were looking to move?  Why not move to a bigger city like Burlington or even Boston?
SM - We live here.  We built our reputation here.  The customers are our family too.  We would not leave Tewksbury.  We have so many people that come in here.  Generations of families.  I have people that came in here to get their ears pierced when they were young and then they came in to get engagement and wedding rings, and now those same people are bringing in their daughters to get their ears pierced.  That is what this is all about for me.  Family.
HG - What services do you offer?
GM - We do repairs on everything from jewelry to glasses.  We do not do watches here on site, but we can send those out.  We do jewelry appraisals.  And we can do custom designs which is something that Alex and I have been currently going to school for.  We have everything from gold and silver to platinum and tungsten. As well as are great selection of diamonds and wedding bands.
HG - My mother was telling me about this hair tye bracelet that you have been developing.  What is it?
GM - You know how girls wear their hair tye elastics on their wrists?  Well I wanted a way to hide them, or make them look like jewelry bracelets.  So I researched it and was able to get some bracelets here in the store as a trial.  They look like regular bracelets all the while hiding the elastic. ( I saw them, awesome idea, I'm on the list...yes there is a waiting list now) You can contact me at the store and ask about them.  The ones I got in sold out in like two days.  SM -Now we have a waiting list for all of these people all over the country that are interested in them!
HG - What is Bernard's Studio?
SM - It is our virtual reality program that my daughters have been creating.
GM - We can take any piece and create a 2D image of it.  You can create pretty much anything and we will be able to make it for you.  If you have ideas or have never seen something that you may have been looking for, we can create it for you.
SM - It's a great way for people to design that perfect one of a kind engagement ring, or specialty piece.
HG - Is it true that people can bring in all of their old jewelry and you can transform it into something completely new and different?
SM - Yes.  We can take all of your old, broken, unwanted, or maybe just unworn jewelry and make something that is brand new and beautiful.  We do it all the time.  We have before and after pictures of some examples on our website.
HG - You have the most positive reviews on Yelp.  What do you attribute that to?
SM - Customer Service.  Customer Service.  Customer Service.  We take great pride in our customers.  They are what keeps us going.
HG - What do you think is Tewksbury's best quality?
GM - Tewksbury Pride.
SM - That and the family quality that this town possesses. 
HG - What is the one thing that you would say is the key to longevity in this town?
SM - Again, great customer service is always first and foremost.  Also having a great quality product or brand.  And something else that is important is to know the town you are working in.  Shop at other businesses in the town.  Go to other stores and say hello.  For example, I don't just go to the same hair or nail salon in Tewksbury.  I try to go to all of them.  I go to a different one every chance I get.  It is nice to know your neighbors. 
HG - I know my family comes here for everything.  You really are very caring and everyone I talk to about Bernard Jewelers says the same thing.  How does that make you feel when you hear that?
SM - You know, I know pretty much every one's name who walks through my door.  I know their family and they know mine.  I love talking with my customers and hearing their stories and how their families are growing and changing.  It makes me and my family feel wonderful knowing that we are part of an even bigger family here in Tewksbury.
HG - What is something that you want the people of this town to know about Bernard Jewelers that they may not know?
GM - People are actually scared to come in here because they think that we are some out of reach place for them.  We want people to know that we have things for all ages and price ranges.  We are not just diamonds and engagement rings.  We do ear piercings all the time here.  Bring your daughters in and have them done.  Come see what we have, you may just be surprised.
SM - And our 24 hour/ 1 day service is a big deal.  We can pretty much do anything you ask us to in 24 hours.  Come in and give us a try.  You will not be disappointed.
I always talk to Suzan when I stop by.  She fixes everything for me and my family.  She truly is such a nice person.  Her customer service is way up there with like... the moon.  She has instilled that same quality in her daughters Alex and Gabi.  They really treat you like family when you go in there.  Suzan was telling me a story about a particular customer recently that came to her looking for whistles for someone.  Well, that may just be the one thing that they do not carry, but Suzan wanted to help this customer so much that she went above and beyond, like way beyond to help them.  She actually found what they were looking for on Amazon and ordered it for them on her own credit card!  She had them sent to the store and really made one very lucky customers day.  If that doesn't say customer service, well then I don't know what does.  When I was in the store, Suzan and her daughters were working as well.  Every time that front door opened, they knew the person's name and addressed them by it.  That is rare nowadays.  A diamond in the rough you might say....
Quick 5 - Suzan Mecherkany
peanut or regular M&M's  - regular
Comedy club or Dance club - Dance Club
Favorite perfume - Rapture by Victoria's Secret
Last show I DVR'd - Supergirl
If I could have my own rock band, I would name it.. - Freedom  (Gabi interjects on this one & says it should be called"Redmen"... love it...)
(Hollie Gonzalez lives in Tewksbury with her husband and two children.  She is very passionate about her town.)
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