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People You Know: Scott Wilson

Feb 01, 2016 09:17AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

Scott Wilson

 Do you ever wonder what happens to people who have had jobs in the town and then you don't see so much of them anymore?  Well, I had that thought recently about a pretty popular former Board of Selectman member, Scott Wilson.  If you don't know who Scott Wilson is, he was one of the most outspoken Board of Selectmen members that the town of Tewksbury has ever seen.  He spoke his mind for the most part good or bad, agreed with or not.  I was able to get in touch with this former powerhouse and he was more than happy to come and chit chat with me about past, present and possible future endeavors.  Give him a look.
Hollie Gonzalez - Are you and your family still living in town, and what grades are the kids in now?
Scott Wilson - Oh yes, we have been here 15 years now.  My daughter Katie just recently got married, my son Tyler is a sophomore and my son Colby is a freshman both at the high school here.
HG - What are you doing in your spare time now?
SW - Well, besides volunteering my time for various sports and committees, I still work full time at Verizon in Methuen.  I have been there for over 18 years now.
HG - How long were you on the Board of Selectmen and why did you leave?
SW - I was on the BOS for 6 years.  You know I worked on a lot of big issues in my tenure.  From the Casino vote to the Changing the Charter regarding the way the selectmen get chosen.  I felt like I moved the needle in the right direction.  I am a big believer that even though you accomplish a lot, there are still a million more things to be done.  I was starting to feel like I couldn't listen to the people of this town as individuals anymore and to me I need to hear everyone's voice.  It was the right time for me to step away.
HG - Some people say you were the best selectmen this town has ever had.  Would you ever run again?  Say this election year?
SW - I am very humbled to hear that.  I would definitely throw my hat in the ring again, but down the line, maybe in a year or two.  Right now l like being able to give my family a break from the spotlight. 
HG - Speaking of the election this year in town, what are your thoughts?
SW - Well Todd Johnson is amazing.  I have known him for 9 years now and he has a lot of class.  He is very thoughtful and caring.  He is a great man to have on the board.  Jim Wentworth was my college roommate.  He is my best friend.  I admire and respect everything about him and what he stands for.  They both bring different values and ideas.
HG -  A lot of people in the town say that the board members past and present have been hard to reach.  How do you think that community connection could better be accomplished?
SW - I agree.  Personally, be present.  Be out and about in town.  Show your face.  Go to games, charity events, sporting events.  Talk and interact with the community, not just at meetings.  And don't just listen to a complaint for example and act on it.  Get all the facts first, knowledge is key.  Our Town Manager, Richard Montouri is great.  He is a really good contact person for the townspeople. He not only listens but follows up and helps the Board Members get a good idea of what is going on in the town. 
HG - Do you work on any committees now?
SW - I used to work on the Beautification Committee.  Now I work on the Town Center Master Plan Committee.  The Town of Tewksbury needs a heart.  This committee is trying to develop the center.  Make it more vibrant and active.  A place where old friends and new friends can meet and congregate. 
HG - How do you think the Town of Tewksbury could get all those dead and defunct store fronts filled?
SW - You know the town has done a lot of work on this.  For example, knocking down the Caswell and putting in Wamesit Lanes, MVP, and the old police station finally coming down just to name a few.  I think marketing ourselves better and really push and work with all those landlords of those properties is what we need. 
HG - Do you still coach and what do you coach?
SW - Yes, I coach 7th grade boys travel baseball and the 6th grade girls travel basketball team.  In the Spring I coach the Senior Leagues for Tewksbury Baseball.
HG - I have heard that you are one of the most passionate coaches in town.  Why are you so devoted?
SW - I never thought I would get the opportunity to coach.  It has been such an amazing experience, and it never changes every year.  I love watching and getting to know the kids and seeing them through life's journey.  Watching them change and seeing them learn to deal with adversity, winning and losing and getting the best out of them is what keeps me motivated to coach.  You get so much in return.
HG - This year there was a lack of volunteers for a lot of the sports in town.  Basketball especially noted.  How do you think we can get more participation from the townspeople?
SW - I know it is hard to volunteer.  It is a lot of time and effort and patience.  But the reward you get in return is very fulfilling.  I just tell parents not to be intimidated.  Give it a try.  And another good idea is to ask some High School Seniors.  There are a lot of kids in High School that are willing to give their time and learned experiences to the younger kids.  And a lot of them have a lot less time constraints than us parents.
HG - So, I have to ask, What do you think of the whole Redmen Mascot controversy?
SW - You know a lot of people have asked me about this.  I haven't given any thoughts on it yet.  I will say this.  Maybe if this originated a little more organically, for example by students and an educational aspect was involved, then I think a lot more people would be interested and involved.  To actually have a town meeting on it, well, I'm not getting involved.  There are tons of mascots in tons of towns and cities that could be deemed offensive to the right or wrong person. There needs to be a better dialog in town and people need to listen with an open mind a little more often.
HG - What would you like to see more of in town by way of places to go?
SW - More places for the kids to congregate.  The kids of this town are our heartbeat.  They are what keeps us going.  I love, love Wamesit Lanes.  High five on that.  I would also love to see a new restaurant.  We have definitely got pizza, Chinese, and Italian covered here in town.  A nice sit down place would be good.
HG - Any favorites in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election?
SW - You know I hate to say it, but I am disappointed in all the candidates.  I am a Democrat, and am not thrilled with my choices.  I have voted for Republicans before and again am not thrilled with my choices here.  I want a candidate who can show me the big picture.  Someone I can imagine helping me and my family in a few years, who puts a vision out there that I can see me in.  None of theses politicians are doing it for me yet.
On that note, I can see Scott Wilson running for something in a few years...  He is such a genuine guy.  He speaks his mind with whole heart.  If you have never met him, next time you see him, stop and say hi and introduce yourself.  He really is one of those people who will just stop what he is doing and listen to you or just have a conversation with you.  He told me that no matter how you choose to spend your life, get involved with something.  Coach, volunteer, join the PAC or the Board of Selectmen, anything.  Just get involved.  Family is the most important thing to a lot of people, and especially Scott Wilson.  Once you meet him, you will be glad you did.
Quick 5 - Scott Wilson
Horror movies or comedies - Comedies
I always snack on - Chocolate chip cookies
If I could live in a TV Show it would be - The Showtime Series, "Power"
Early Bird or Night Owl - Night Owl
Favorite Saying - "Live Life, Laugh Often, Love Much"
(Hollie Gonzalez lives in Tewksbury with her husband and two children.  She is very passionate about her town.)
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