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TGBL Roundup: Liberty Holds Off Storm, Wolverines Top Jayhawks

Feb 06, 2016 04:53PM ● By Bill Gilman

(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by the TGBL.)


Storm: 6 vs. Liberty: 12 

Storms 4 game winning streak was snapped by Liberty on Saturday falling 12-6.  Tough game overall for Storm in getting any offensive going. Leading the way was Dakota Malizia 4 points and Emily Tryder with 2 points.  On the Defensive side Joceyln Kinnon and Brooklyn DeGrechie both had multiple steals that helped to some scoring chances.  Storm will refocus this week at practice and get ready for its next appoint on Saturday.  


Wolverines: 22 vs. Jayhawks: 16

The Wolverines hosted the Jayhawks in their ninth game of the season and came away with a hard fought victory, 22-16.  Alyssa Marchelletta led all Wolverine scorers with 6 points in the game, followed by Abby MacAllister, Nicole Potito and Olivia Paulding (4 each) and Emily Walker and Jessica Hickey (2 each).  Hickey led the Wolverines in rebounds with 5, followed by Walker (4), MacAllister and Potito (2 each) and Brooke Woodman, Sara Hunt and Paulding (1 each). Lexie Bobotas provided a solid effort on both ends of the floor throughout the game.

Jayhawks: 16 vs. Wolverines: 22

The Girls In Town Basketball program held week 9 this past weekend and the Jayhawks met the Wolverines in a great match up that was decided in the 4th quarter with just under 3 mins left.  The Jayhawks had some great efforts from Saddie Basile, Jordan Gardner, Madison Kearney and Kayla Mirisola.   The Jayhawks leading scoring was MaryKate Callinan (12 points, 4 blocks, 3 steals) followed by Brianna Iandoli (2 points 4 steals) and Maisan Nguyen (2 points, 2 blocks, 3 steals) Jayhawks Bench Capt was Erin Mclntyre for her great team support.

Eagles: 29 vs. Cardinals: 16

The Eagles put forth a strong defensive performance on Saturday in beating the Cardinals 29 to 16. Their swarming defense caused over 20 turnovers, allowing them to jump out to an early lead. Megan Boudreau, Jaclyn Dillon, and Alyssandra Ragusa did a great job of securing rebounds. Their scoring came from game high Allie Indingaro 18, Madison Stovesand 9, and Rose Strobel 2.

The Intermediate Badgers emerged victorious in 2 of their last 3 games and continue to play well in the second half of the season.  The teamwork has been great and the girl's progress is evident every week.  With only two games left in the regular season, the Badgers look to continue with their tenacious defense and all around team effort

Badgers: 24 vs. Cardinals: 17 (1/16/16)

Scoring for the Badgers: Alex Fowler (10), Fiona Green (10), Mariya Ortiz (2), Caleigh Shanahan (2). Great defensive efforts from Alyssa Gray and assists leader Emma Hiltz.

Badgers: 15 vs. Eagles: 34 (1/23/16)

Scoring for the Badgers: Fiona Green (11), Emma Hiltz (2), Mariya Ortiz (2). Terrific rebounding from Alyssa Gray and Alex Fowler, and strong defensive efforts from Lindsey Lombardo and Caleigh Shanahan.

Badgers: 25 vs. Huskies: 15 (1/30/16)

Scoring for the Badgers: Alex Fowler (11), Fiona Green (6), Alyssa Gray (4), Lindsey Lombardo (2), Caleigh Shanahan (2). Tremendous defense from Emma Hiltz and Mariya Ortiz.

Waves: 40 vs. Cougars: 8 

The Waves had a terrific game on Saturday with a win over the Cougars. All the players contributed with good passing and tough defense.  Samira Cook (5pts) and Kendall Von Kahle (6pts) were solid playing post, while Ashley Demers’ (4pts) and Katie Polimeno’s ( 3 pt bucket)  defensive skills kept the Cougars on their toes.  Danielle Wilson (4pts) and Izabel Moriera were strong with key rebounding. Madison Pierce (8pts) and Alexis Polimeno (10pts) were solid on offense and had some great steals on defense


Pacers: 41 vs. Sonics: 38

Pacers played a spirited game to notch their 3rd win of the season against the 2nd place Sonics. Falling behind early in the 1st the defense buckled down on the opponents point guard playing good help defense to keep the game close. Emma Demos played great from the top of the key and Caitlyn Fiore nailed down a couple of key buckets in the quarter. In the 2nd quarter the offense really clicked with every player getting at least 2 shots scoring 12 points in the quarter. Also the man-to-man defense of Briana Walker, Fiore, Kendall Donahoe, Shannon Crowley, and Katelyn Quinn-Cyr kept the quality shots from the opponent to a minimum to take a 7 point halftime lead. In the 3rd, the Pacers again dropped 12 points behind Demos and two 3-pointers by Mikaela Enax. Also the defense contained the opponent enough to maintain the lead with each player including Rachel Scaringi pulling down at least 2 rebounds in the quarter. In the 4th the Sonics came out determined to get back in the game but Kerry Shea silenced the crowd and the comeback with 3 for 4 shooting and 4 rebounds. Scoring for the Pacers was Walker with 10, Shea with 8, Demos with 7, Enax and Fiore with 6 each, and Quinn-Cyr and Donahoe with 2. Leading rebounders were Shea with 7 and Walker, Demos, and Crowley each with 5. Donahoe and Crowley led the team with 3 and 2 steals respectively. Shea had 3 of the season high 9 assists for the team.

Sonics: 38 vs. Pacers: 41

The Sonics lost against a very strong Pacers team.  The Defensive Player of the Game was Brooke Fullerton who successfully grabbed 13 rebounds on both ends of the court helping us with additional offensive opportunities.  Marissa Ladderbush led the way on the offensive end scoring 16 points.  Additional scoring was provided by Julia Cafferty (13), Rebecca DeFrancesco (5), Alicia Barbati (2), and Janine Richardson (2).  Amber Buttaro provided a solid presence both in the shooting guard and power forward positions.  Molly O'Neill continued to provide the strength in the center preventing easy baskets and garnering much needed rebounds.

Spurs: 31 vs. Blazers: 22

Spurs played a great game vs a tough Blazers team winnings 31 - 22. Solid team defense by everyone, but standing out was Sydney Crowley harassing the ball carriers and not allowing any open shots!. Rachel Conway came up with some big rebounds. Kendra Waugh played great perimeter defense. Gianna Bourasso may now have scored but was huge on both ends of the floor, had multiple assists for easy baskets on the fast break and came up with a bunch of rebounds. Great rebounding and multiple blocked shots by both Abby Naugler and Isabelle Frost. Mikalya moved down to forward, had many rebounds and steals. Isabella Beyloune stepped up huge with great defense and led the team in scoring.   Team scoring Bella 19 pts, Mikayla 6 pts, Abby 4 pts and Isabelle 2pts 

Spurs vs. Pacers (1/23/16)

Spurs woke up from a month long nap to have their best all- around game of the year over the Pacers.  Solid team defense by everyone. Rachel Conway came up with some big rebounds. Syndey Crowley and Kendra Waugh both played great perimeter defense. Gianna Bourasso played great on both ends and came up with a bunch of rebounds. Great rebounding and multiple blocked shots by Abby Naugler and Isabelle Frost.  Mikalya moved down to forward and played great defense and had many rebounds. Isabella Beyloune stepped up huge with great defense and led the team in scoring.   Team scoring Bella 13 pts, Gianna 9 pts, Mikayla 6 pts, Abby 4 pts, Isabelle and Sydney 2pts each

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