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Election 2016 Letter: Polimeno Deserves Re-Election To School Committee

Feb 24, 2016 09:08AM ● By Bill Gilman
To the Editor:

Krissy Polimeno is one of the few people who are running for an elected seat this year that I will not hesitate to endorse.  She is running to hold her seat on the Tewksbury School Committee. I have had the privilege of being able to work with Mrs. Polimeno many times over the years whether it is due to an issue I am having with my children being personally affected with something going on at school or hearing of another child that is having an issue that I feel should be resolved.  I can say, without a doubt, that Mrs. Polimeno has always accepted the invitation to be involved with the matter.
I know that not all of the issues have been an easy answer for her, but I also know – from firsthand experience – that she will always look into the matter as if it were dealing with one of her own children.  Mrs. Polimeno has a complete open door policy that makes it easy for anyone to contact her and she has the ability to bridge most any gap that is occurring between a parent and the school system in our Town. 

She is able to look at matters that affect our children with her whole heart, to do it logically and with common sense.  She normally is the person you meet that is laid back and caring and earns your respect with her easy going manner.  Be that as it may, if she feels that even one child in our school system is not receiving the attention that is needed she will fight like a lion without restraint and without apology.  People like Mrs. Polimeno are exactly who we need on our School Committee. 

The School Committee, in my opinion, is one of the most important elected boards that we as a community can decide on.  Due to the fact that they are involved in our children’s daily lives for an average of 13 years, I cannot think of a more serious board to truly consider the candidates on.   I truly believe that with Krissy Polimeno on the board as well as other likeminded individuals, our children truly have the world open to them with the knowledge that this Town, as a whole, stands behind them all individually and without question.  Please re-elect Krissy Polimeno to the School Committee, for my children and for all of the children in this Town.

Jennifer Nagle
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