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Project 250: Health Restored, Pounds Coming Off, Money Being Raised

Feb 25, 2016 05:05AM ● By Bill Gilman


(Editor's note: This is the latest in a series of columns written by Bill Gilman, chronicling his journey to a healthier life. He began this journey last summer at 426 pounds. His goal is 250.)

I'm not a patient man.
I want to be. It would be really good if I were.
But I'm not.
I was the eager child up at 5 a.m. to open Christmas presents or find the Easter eggs hidden around my house. I was the annoying kid in school who kept asking the teacher if he had graded our tests yet.
I was the 20-year-old who felt it was a good idea to get married before finishing college, having a steady job or even my own apartment.
It's in my nature to want instant gratification ... or at least relatively soon gratification.
That's probably been the most challenging part of this entire weight loss process -- knowing that reaching my goal weight of 250 pounds will take anywhere between a year and 18 months from the date of my surgery.I realize how ridiculous that sounds. It took me years to balloon up to 426 pounds. Clearly, It will take quite a while to get back to a healthy weight, even with the assistance of gastric bypass surgery.
But everything is a process and often a lengthy process.
The build up to the surgery takes several months and a multitude of appointments and tests with a variety of medical personnel.
Post-surgery dietary restrictions follow a certain process, starting with clear liquids and progressing to pureed and soft foods, then to some solid foods. Months into the process, limited amounts of breads, pastas and rice can be added in.
Similarly, post surgical physical activity is limited at first and slowly increased. In my case, my week-long stay at UMass Memorial Hospital due to post-surgical complications, set back the process by a few weeks.
The good news is I'll be able to return to Tewksbury Sports Club next month and start working out again with my trainer, Kait Taylor. I'm really looking forward to slowly building back my strength.
But back to my impatience. I'm doing my best to the play the long game, to look beyond today, tomorrow or even next week. My focus has to be on my long-term health. Whatever time it takes to complete the mission is a just an investment. The payoff will come down the road.
Still, it's a maturity challenge for a "now, now, now" guy like myself.
Regular weigh-ins help. They provide me with tangible evidence that the hard work and single-mindedness is paying off.
Which brings me to my next piece of good news ---I'M DOWN TO 348 POUNDS!!
That's down 40 pounds since my surgery and down 78 pounds since last summer.
As you know, Project 250 is a fundraiser for the Tewksbury Community Food Pantry. You can help the food pantry by clicking here and making a pledge for every pound I lose, starting with the date of my surgery (Jan. 14) through Oct. 1, up to a maximum of 120 pounds.
In other words, by pledging 50 cents a pound, you will be pledging $60 if I hit my 120-pound goal! The money raised helps provide nutritious food for more than 200 needy families right here in Tewksbury. 

As of Feb. 24, a total of $7.05 per pound has been pledged. But I know we can do a lot better.
Please pledge today! My loss is their gain!!

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