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Election 2016 Endorsement: Tewksbury Should Re-Elect Johnson To Board Of Selectmen

Mar 13, 2016 06:13PM ● By Bill Gilman
To the Editor:

I am submitting the following letter of support for Tewksbury Selectman candidate Todd Johnson.

In a presidential election year with both parties dominated by candidates offering dramatic changes and differences from anything we have seen before, change is front and center in voter’s minds.  

Locally however, change for change's sake is not always a good thing and with this in mind I am supporting Todd Johnson for re-election as Selectman for Tewksbury.  

Todd is an experienced and knowledgeable selectman.  He has served on many committees and boards and as a selectman he has been part of a period of growth and stability for our town.  There are more businesses on Main St than ever, the residential population is growing and larger businesses are moving into town and filling vital commercial and industrial space.  Without a steady hand and a common sense financial approach on the Selectman level, the town does not become a choice for new residents and businesses both small and large.  

In addition, the town services have continued to be supported and improving with new equipment and hires and expanded capabilities to provide residents with a high quality of life.  And all at an affordable price that has not broken the budget.  Our school buildings are either state of the art or being looked at for improvements.  State leaders are hearing from our town leadership as to what the state can do for us and re-paving of route 38 from the Lowell line to Pike St is evidence that we are being heard.  There is still much to do and we need that help to continue.  Todd Johnson is an important part of these results.  

It is never easy and it is never perfect and many residents can find areas where there is room for improvement.  That is true of every town.  But here in Tewksbury there is proven leadership  and a track record of getting things done without rancor and with good discussion and debate.  Residents are heard, developers are heard, business needs are listened and responded to.  

Growth, stability, improving services, state assistance and an expanding tax base are all the result of town leadership.  Todd Johnson has been an important part of this and I believe we are best served if that leadership continues.  With that I am asking for your vote in support of Todd Johnson for Selectman.

Respectfully submitted:
Marko Duffy
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