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Election 2016 Endorsement: Stronach Should Have Your Vote For Selectmen

Mar 26, 2016 05:26AM ● By Bill Gilman


To the Editor:
To the Voting Residents of Tewksbury:

What qualities do you look for in a Selectman? Someone with good leadership skills who can be a spearhead on important issues. Someone who does their homework and is well researched on what is to come before them as a board member. Someone who is not afraid to step up and ask the tough questions. Someone who is PRO-ACTIVE with ideas to move the Town forward in their unique position to be able to facilitate in getting things done. Someone with the integrity to take responsibility and hold both themselves and others accountable. Someone who understands the inner workings of the town and takes part and pride in their community. Someone who really LISTENS to residents' concerns rather than just provide 'lip service' with the ability to work collaboratively with the other town boards and committees which is a valuable asset to have. Sound good to you? I am supporting Anne Marie Stronach for Selectman as I believe she embodies all of these important qualities. She has a proven track record and did an outstanding job the last time she held a seat on the board and I have no doubt she can and will do it again. Please join me in putting Anne Marie back in a well-deserved seat on our Board of Selectmen. VOTE ANNE MARIE STRONACH on Saturday, APRIL 2nd. Thank you.

Karyn Sliva

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