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Election 2016 Endorsement: Selectman Endorses Bennett For School Committee

Mar 27, 2016 06:13AM ● By Bill Gilman


To the Editor:

Arthy Bennett will make an outstanding member of the Tewksbury School Committee and I encourage my fellow residents to cast one of their two votes for her on Saturday, April 2nd.  Arthy has served within our school district in essentially every possible way short of elected office.  She has served on PACs, School Councils, various committees, and has regularly attended nearly every School Committee meetings for years.  Short of being an incumbent or a returning committee member, no one could possibly be better prepared to get to work on her first day in office than Arthy.

Aside from her extensive resume of dedicated volunteer service to our schools and community, I am particularly looking forward to her bringing her expertise as an engineer to the School Committee.  Her work at GE on commercial and military aircraft engines gives her insight into the basic math and science skills our students need to succeed in a competitive global marketplace.  Her career in engineering progressed to include project management, including budgetary responsibilities.  Very few candidates to any local elected position have had the experience of managing a project with a budget larger than that of our entire Town.

We have many things to do in our community, including the eventual replacement of our aging elementary schools.  When decisions are to be made about those facilities, I will feel better knowing that a successful engineer and leader is bringing her voice to the table.  When the School Committee works with the administrative staff to review and update our math and science curriculum, I will have confidence in their decisions because I know that Arthy has real-world experience applying those principles and understands their critical role in student development and success.

Arthy is a person of integrity and has dedicated countless hours to the students of Tewksbury, and I ask you to join me in voting for her on April 2nd.

Bruce Panilaitis

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