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TYSL Roundup: Tewksbury GU10-4 Blanks Somerville

Apr 16, 2016 11:20AM ● By Bill Gilman


(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by the Tewksbury Youth Soccer League.)

GU10-4 Tewksbury 6 vs Somerville 0
The U10-4 girls started their season on a high note with a 6-0 win over Somerville.  Tewksbury got a quick start to the season when Kelli Anderson scored in the opening minute.  Elena Lochiatto scored shortly after.  There was great passing by Krissy Macdonald, Paige Crowley,  Alexis Rooney, Adrianna DiGiacomo, and Erin Costello to set up the goals. In the second half there was a strong defensive plays.  Gianna Flynn, Beth Trout, and Maya Medera.  Rachel Lochiatto and Alexis Rooney each added a goal in the beginning of the second half.  Rachel Lochiatto and Kelli Anderson rounded out the gaol scoring at the end of the game.  Beth Trout and Krissy MacDonald had some fabulous saves in net to secure a shut out for the team!

BU10-3 Tewksbury-3 vs.  Somerville BU10-6 -3
It was the first game of the Spring season for our Tewksbury Rockers team.  The boys were playing with only two practices under their belts and as well we were missing key players Evan Deleon, Ben Piccolo, and Ethan Hines.  The rest of the Rockers knew they had a big job on their hands, but they assured their coach they were all ready to play.  The game started out all in Tewksbury's favor.   
Jeremy Insogna was an amazing leader for the Rockers, setting up many scoring drives for our first offensive line.   Jeremy along with Tyler Chesbrough and Seumas Naughton had at least six shots on Somerville's net the first few minutes of the game.    
Finally Jeremy was able to connect on a break away play for our first goal and lead of the game. We were successful keeping Somerville away from our net for most of the first half with our defensive efforts.  
Greg Mercado and Tucker Robinson, along with Edward Doyle in the net worked great together.  Nearing the end of the first half Somerville did get on the board.  Before time expired in the first half William Filmore netted a goal to give us a 2-1 lead.    After half time we switched our goalies and added Nate Laboy in the net.   
He made some amazing saves but Somerville was able to get two quick goals on the board and took the lead 3-2.  We changed our defense and had Seumas Naughton and Owen Kinnon take over in the defensive end.  We also had Edward Doyle got back into the net. All proved to be instrumental stopping Somerville from getting into the red zone for the remainder of the game. 
For us on offense, Greg Mercado, Tucker Robinson, Nate Laboy, and Jeremy Insogna rotated on our offensive line.   Nearing the end of the game Jeremy again scored a second goal of the game to secure the tie for the Rockers.   The boys were hoping for the win, but the game ran out of time.  An amazing TEAM effort for sure.
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