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LETTER: Battle Against Gas Piplines Rages On In Other Parts Of Massachusetts

Apr 21, 2016 04:51PM ● By Bill Gilman

To the Editor:

Re: BREAKING: Kinder-Morgan Pulls The Plug On Northeast Pipeline Project

I was thrilled to read the headline, “Kinder-Morgan Pulls The Plug On Northeast Pipeline Project,” yesterday. It is amazing to see how the dedicated work of everyday citizens can stop something as large as the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline. The work of the Tewksbury Pipeline Awareness group and the various other local activists along the NED pipeline path deserves to be applauded, but also maintained. 

In Southern Massachusetts, a similar fight is still raging on. Spectra wants to build New England’s largest gas pipeline, increasing our dependence on polluting fossil fuels and requiring new metering and regulatory stations across the state. Wetlands, dense residential areas and my own home in Sharon are threatened by Spectra’s proposal. 

I hope that those that fought against the NED pipeline can continue to push for cleaner and more efficient energy sources in our state, and that we stand together in solidarity and to fight any threats of fossil fuel infrastructure being expanded.  

Nickolas Faynshteyn

Toxics Action Center Intern

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