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TYSL Roundup: Boys U10-3 Slips Past Billerica, 2-1

May 11, 2016 10:17AM ● By Bill Gilman


(Editor's Note: The following information was submitted by the Tewksbury Youth Soccer League.)

Travel Registration
Travel Registration is open for the month of May for the Fall 2016 season. Tryouts will be in June. Late fees apply after 5/31/16 and there will be no exceptions due to computer issues or any other difficulties you may encounter. 
In-Town registration is also open and will remain open until beginning of August.

TYSL Annual Meeting
On June 21st, 2016 Tewksbury Youth Soccer will hold its Annual General Meeting. The start time is 7:30 at the Tewksbury Police Station and all are welcome.

TYSL needs volunteers to make this organization run smoothly. Please consider volunteering. Please email the following individuals with any questions on positions: Letters of interest should be submitted on the Tewksbury Youth Soccer homepage by June 7th. Please remember all positions are voted on every year and all positions are considered OPEN.

President, Treasurer, Registrar, Travel Director, Travel Director (2), Player Development, Facilities, Tournament Director, Referee Director, Secretary, Concessions, Goalkeeping, Fundraising, Purchasing Director, U4/U5 Director, U6 Director, U8 Director, Webmaster 1 and Webmaster 2.

GU 12-5 Tewksbury-2 vs.GU12-6 Billerica-0

Our Tigers girls team was ready to continue their amazing play four games into the spring season. We had only 10 girls of our 13 girl roster, as Meghan Haley and Becca Langone were both nursing injuries.  Melanie Kaplan is a multi-sport athlete, so she was missing our game as she was competing in a gymnastics meet.   This meant the other 10 Tigers would be playing more on their shifts to hopefully secure the W.   We started the game with some really nice offensive drives lead by Sam Taber, Ava Piccolo, Natalie Martin, and Molly Cremin.   The defense and goalie for Billerica though was there to match every break away attempt we tried.  On our defense, Courtney Rowe proved to be a real force for us, along with Evelyn Johnson and Gaby Ortiz.    Our goalie was again the amazing Erica Spurr.  Erica barely had many attempts from Billerica that first half due to the strong offensive efforts of our Tigers.  We rotated Sarah Boone and Emily Zadig into both the offense and the defense to give everyone plenty of chances to help out.   They for sure made great contributions on both sides of the ball.
The second half we changed the offensive line with our strong legs.  We had Sam Taber, Gaby Ortiz, and Ava Piccolo, along with Molly Cremin following as our midfielder.  The defense was again strong with Courtney Rowe, Emily Zadig, and Natlie Martin covering.    We finally were able to break past the amazing goalie for Billerica after Sam Taber got a great pass from Gaby Ortiz to score.    We added one more goal from Sam to keep that nice 2-0 lead.   Amazing goal attempts by Sarah Boone, Molly Cremin, Ava Piccolo, and Natalie Martin to round out the game.   Proud of our goalie Erica Spurr, who notched her 4th shut out.  The Tigers will face a tough opponent next week against Lowell.  Excited to see what the Tigers will do next. 

GU10-4 Tewksbury 6 vs. Waltham 0
It was another impressive week for the Tewksbury Tornadoes.  They continue their winning streak with a 6-0 win over Waltham. Krissi Macdonald and Beth Trout continue to make awesome saves in net.  Kelli Anderson got things going with the first Tewksbury goal off a perfect pass from Paige Crowley.  The Tornadoes struck again when Erin Costello and Paige Crowley assisted Kelli Anderson to make it 2-0.  Maya Medera and Gianna Flynn were making it difficult for Waltham to get close to Krissi Macdonald in net.  Beth Trout was doing a great job keeping the Waltham girls to the outside of the field.  Erin Costello got the next 2 Tewksbury goals with assists on both goals from Adrianna DiGiacomo.  Just before the end of the first half, Lexi Rooney scored with an assist from Gianna Flynn. The second half had much more Tornado passing.  The offense and defense worked together passing to move the ball around the field.  After a string of great passes, Kelli Anderson made the Tewksbury lead 6-0 with her third goal of the game.  As the game progressed the Tornadoes really played as a team.  Kris Macdonald and Paige Crowley always hustled to where the ball was and demonstrated some fancy footwork.  Adrianna DiGiacomo and Lexi Rooney had some great pullbacks to keep the ball away from Waltham.  The forwards covered for the defense while Gianna Flynn and Maya Madera had some great footwork taking the ball to the Waltham net.  After a great team win, the Tornadoes will host Somerville next week to start the second half of the season.

BU10-3 Tewksbury-2 vs BU10-4 Billerica -1

The Rockers had a rough two games the last two weeks, and were hoping the team could get their mojo back this week in Billerica.  We were again short staffed, missing William Filmore, Owen Kinnon, and Tyler Chesbrough.   The rest of the 9 on the squad knew this meant more time on the field and they were all willing to pitch in their fair share.  This week we had Nate Laboy start in net, and his defense was anchored by Seumas Naughton and Tucker Robinson. The front three were Ben Piccolo, Evan Deleon,and Jeremy Insogna.    The boys were working great at the start, penetrating the Billerica defense many times.    It always seemed the goalie or Billerica's defense was ready to intercept the play.   Later Greg Mercado, Ethan Hines, and Edward Doyle came in to give their teammates a break.   All three contributed to the offensive and defensive side of the ball whenever asked.   With little time left on the clock, Jeremy Insogna was able to get a gentle shot past the Billerica goalie to get a 1-0 lead  into the half.    Second half again we saw some great defensive stops in the net  by Nate Laboy.  He was truly amazing to watch in the net, where we had him play for the game.   Billerica did tie the game up with about ten minutes to play.    The boys never faltered and continued to work great together.  We saw amazing defensive stops by Evan Deleon, Tucker Robinson, and Seumas Naughton.  We also saw the continued efforts of our offense.   Ethan Hines was able to connect on a rebound goal attempt of Ben Piccolo to get the Rocker's ahead 2-1 with little time left.  The Rockers held strong and secured the victory against the number #1 team in their division.  It was a complete team victory and one all the boys should be proud of.    Onto next week for Team Rockers!

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