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Project 250: A Major Milestone Reached! Time To Celebrate? Maybe ... I Guess ... But ...

May 30, 2016 12:38PM ● By Bill Gilman

Herbie contemplates life

So, let's start with the good news.
At my most recent official weigh-in with my nutritionist, I weighed 310 pounds.
That's a loss of 116 pounds since last summer and a loss of 78 pounds since my Gastric Bypass surgery in January.
I'm just 60 pounds from my goal weight of 250. That's good, right? It's exciting, right?
I know it is. And I am ... I guess ... I don't know.
Oh, I should probably take a moment and explain the photo above. Meet Herbie. He is one our two cats. At least he claims to be a cat. We're not 100 percent sure. He slinks kind of like a ferret some times. And, once in a while, he will sit on his bottom, like in the picture, legs splayed, contemplating life and grooming his tummy. We've dubbed this his "Uncle Herbie" pose.
Oh, come on, you know you all have that weird Uncle, who sits around on the couch during family gatherings, with one hand wrapped around a cold Budweiser and the other on the remote control or tucked inside the waistband of his trousers.
That's Herbie. He's not really sure what he is.
And I think that's me.
I've lost all this weight, I've lost inches and I definitely feel healthier and more energized. And all that is terrific.
But the truth is, it's not life-changing. That is to say, my life is still my life.
Healthier, yes, but still my life.
Work headaches are still work headaches.
Family struggles and responsibilities are still family struggles and responsibilities.
Marriage challenges are still marriage challenges.
And this is important for anyone considering Gastric Bypass surgery to understand. It is not a magic solution to improve your marriage, make your kids better behaved, get you that promotion or, overall, make your life all peaches and cream.
Accepting that truth before you start the process is important. Expectations need to be realistic in terms of what the surgery and weight loss CAN and CANNOT do.
My expectations, in terms of my life, were pretty realistic going into the process. But that doesn't mean there have not been some surprises along the way.
One such surprise/dose of reality, comes when I look in the mirror and I'm reminded that I'm still a 49-year-old man who still weighs 310 pounds and is greatly out of shape.
I have no doubt that I'll lose the rest of the weight to reach my goal. The surgery worked. The plan my nutritionist has me on works. The plan my personal trainer Kait Taylor has me on works.
Maybe I can even get down to around 230, if I put in the work.
But something is off. Something isn't quite right.
And then the light bulb goes on.
It's been almost a decade since I weighed 300 pounds and closer to 25 years since I was down to 250. And as I look in the mirror, as the weight is shed, I'm realizing I don't recognize the man looking back at me. 49-year-old, 300-pound Bill looks a lot different than 40-year-old, 300-pound Bill.
And I'm pretty sure 49-year-old, 250-pound Bill will look tremendously different than 26-year-old 250-pound Bill. I've never met that man.
I've never met the 49-year-old man who is in pretty decent shape, for a 49-year-old guy. What will he look like? What will he behave like? Will my wife and kids like him?
Will I like him.
And what about the beard? It's hidden the 'fat face' for so long. Does it still work or is it time to kick it to the curb.
116 pounds down, 60 to go.
I'm happy. I'm proud. I'm excited. I'm nervous.

As you know, Project 250 is a fundraiser for the Tewksbury Community Food Pantry. You can help the food pantry by clicking here and making a pledge for every pound I lose, starting with the date of my surgery (388 pounds on Jan. 14) through Oct. 1, up to a maximum of 120 pounds.
In other words, by pledging 50 cents a pound, you will be pledging $60 if I hit my 120-pound goal! The money raised helps provide nutritious food for more than 200 needy families right here in Tewksbury. 

As of May 14, a total of $10.15 per pound has been pledged. But I know we can do a lot better.
Please pledge today! My loss is their gain!!


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