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Happy National Hangover Day! Here Is Your Bounce-Back Plan

Jul 05, 2016 07:30PM ● By Kait Taylor

 The Fifth of July. November 1. March 18. January 1.

A day of post-holiday activity I’ve come to affectionately call “National Hangover Day.”

And whether you drank alcohol or not, odds are you are stricken with a “guilt” hangover, earned from one or two fun habits: eating too much of the wrong stuff, skipping a workout and lounging all day, not drinking that right amount of water or sleep. Or maybe you took a well-deserved break from routine and now you are stressing about being behind the ball. Whatever the reason you may be feeling rushed or stressed or not well today, I hope you find these tips helpful while you go about piecing yourself together today.

1)   First things first, shake off the stress. You had a good time, and so did most of the other people you’ll encounter today. Give them a high-five, and laugh a little about whatever shenigans you got yourself into. Then send some gratitude to your “normal” routine, thanking yourself for working hard at work, in the gym and in your personal life to keep everything together on a regular basis. Be grateful

2)   Drink lots of water. It keeps your metabolism humming, and will replenish you if you’re dehydrated from all the adult beverages and hot sunshine.  It will help you make good decisions with food, too. Speaking of …

3)   Back slowly away from the greasy hangover food. Your blood sugar is out of whack from yesterday’s indulgences, and you need whole, nutritious foods to feel good again. Plant-based foods will nourish your tired, sugar-crashing body and bring it back to your regular fit self. My favorite hangover cure is  a Mexican salad or burrito bowl, with lots of refreshing veggies for hydration, tomato for vitamin C and spice to wake me up.  

4)   Get a sweat. Get your blood moving to instantly feel stronger and back on your A-game.

5)   Rock the routine.  Take a deep breath, and then make your lists, check your emails, do your laundry … whatever it takes to feel in control. But remember not to feel rushed – see step 1. Get it done, feel good, and proceed to step 6.

6)   Get to bed at a reasonable time.  You may be exhausted and craving a nap, but that could keep you awake at night. Get through the day and go through your usual evening routine. Sleep well, and wake up tomorrow ready to kick butt again! 

(Kait Taylor is a trained and certified personal trainer at the Tewksbury Sports Club.)

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