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Confrontation Erupts After Dokos' Dangerousness Hearing

Jul 07, 2016 02:04PM ● By Bill Gilman

Broc Dokos is charged with assault.

Atty. Paul King

 According to a published report, family members and friends of the victim and his alleged attacker nearly came to blows in a hallway outside a courtroom at Lowell District Court, following an emotional hearing on Wednesday.

Broc Dokos, 18, a Tewksbury High graduate who now lives in Lawrence, is facing charges in connection with an attack that put 18-year-old Stephen Bonugli in the hospital with severe facial injuries.

According to an article published by the Lowell Sun, the two sides had to be separated by court personnel, after a dangerousness hearing for Dokos.

Certain facts related to the events that took place around 3 a.m. on the morning of July 3 in a home at 31 Judique Ave in Tewksbury are not in doubt.

Dokos struck Bonugli, a former TMHS classmate and football and wrestling teammate, in the face at the tail-end of an underaged drinking party. Bonugli suffered a fractured jaw that had to be surgically repaired and wired shut, as well as a fractured orbital bone and fractured cheek bone.

How many times Dokos struck Bonugli and what precipitated the attack depends on whose version of the events you believe.

Dokos has been formally charged with assault and battery causing serious bodily injury and assault. He has pled not guilty to all charges.

According to the report in the Lowell Sun, Dokos' girlfriend, Amanda Ferreira, and his best friend, Maxwell Fox, testified Wednesday that Bonugli had shoved Dokos and tried to take a swing at him before Dokos retaliated and punched him twice.

However, prosecutors have presented statements given by other witnesses at the party, who said Bonugli was sitting on a couch and that Dokos "stormed" into the room and struck Bonugli as many as six times without provocation. According to court documents, those witnesses said Bonugli was unconscious after the first punch but that Dokos kept up the assault.

After turning himself in on July 4, Dokos was held on $25,000 bail. However, at his arraignment on July 5, a judge ordered him held at the Middlesex County House of Correction without bail, pending the dangerousness hearing.

As part of Wednesday's hearing, Dokos' attorney, Jeanne Earley, presented more than 300 letters of support from friends and family, attesting to his character, according to the Lowell Sun article. 

The letters had been solicited by Dokos' father, Robert Dokos, in a posting on his Facebook page. The elder Dokos defended his son's character in a comment on the Tewksbury Police Facebook page and said he was in possession of video from the party on July 2-3, that showed the victim, Stephen Bonugli, drinking alcohol.

Bob Dokos broc is no angel but a very very good kid,,google him,,,i was just sent video of the alleged victim who is 18 and captain of the football team drinking alcohol on video,,doesnt say broc is innocent but doubts are strating,,a broke jaw and a manhunt,,come on,broc is a upstanding kid who just two weeks ago at tewksbury volunteered his weekend for free coaching little kids to wrestle,,,grow up,, the 18 year old got into a fight with another 18 and lost and got his jaw broke,,,drinking was involved..ill be posting video later today

According to the Lowell Sun article, prosecutor Greg Galizio painted a very different picture of Dokos, presenting evidence of multiple other police reports regarding incidents of violence involving the former TMHS football and wrestling star. In those cases, charges had either not been filed or were filed and later dismissed. Galizio also said Bonugli had told his father over the winter that Dokos had been angry with him for some reason and threatened to "get him."

Having heard all the evidence, Judge Daniel Crane ruled that Dokos was, in fact, dangerous, but did not make a determination on whether or not to allow he should be released on bail. Dokos was due back in court on Thursday, at which time Crane is expected make a determination on bail and any conditions of Dokos' release.


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