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Results From July 3 Recreation Complex Activities

Jul 08, 2016 09:06AM ● By Theresa Gilman

(Alexis Margios photo)

(Editor's Note: this content was provided by the Tewksbury Public Schools' Ciommunity Services.)

Wheelbarrow Races

Ages 4-6

1st- Charley Holden, BJ Rzepka

2nd – Leah Rzepka, Aiden Kane

3rd- Ryan Pasquariellao

Ages 7-10

1at- Mason Veits, James Holden

2nd- Austin Mamnetta, Malcom Costiglione

3rd- Alexis Rooney, Emily Picher

Ages 11-15

1st- Melanie Kaplan, Courtney Roew

2nd- Pouryia Mehrabani, Darya Mehrabani

3rd- Darren Castlglione, Brett Graham

Sack Race

Ages 4-6

1st- Olivia Mannetta

2nd – BJ Rzepka

Ages 7-10

1st- Tyler Barnes

2nd- James Holden

3rd- Alexis Rooney

Ages 11-15

1st- Brett Graham

2nd- Melanie Kaplan

3-legged Race

Ages 4-6

1st- McKenna Murray, Dominic Parisi

2nd- Charley Holden, BJ Rzepka

3rd-Emily Pasquariello, Arianna Ciampa

Ages 7-10

1st- Mason Veits, James Holden

2nd-Austin Mannetta, Malcom Castiglione

3rd- Tyler Barnes, Shaun Carr

Ages 11-15

1st- Klara Holden, Kaitlin MacDonald

2nd- Riley Veits, Katrina MacDonald

3rd- Rachel Picher, Kassidy MacDonald

Watermelon Eating Contest

10 & under winner- Billy Cochran

11& older winner- Shawn Barberian

Pie Eating Contest

10 & under winner- Billy Cochran

11& older winner- Shawn Barberian

Little Miss. Tewksbury Winner- Olivia Lafreniere

Little Mr. Tewksbury Winner- Giovanni Giannelli

Decorated Doll Carriage Contest

Winner- Lillian Carr

2nd- Bethany Bickford

Bicycle Decorating Contest

Winner- Kaylee Horsman

2nd- Matthew Merrill

Basketball Free Throw Contest


1st- Rachel Picher

2nd- Riley Veits

3rd- Melanie Kaplan

4th- Sophia Brown


1st- James Holden

2nd- Justin Rooney

3rd-Any Candeloro

4th- Tony Schiavone

Bologna Toss

Men’s winner-Andy Candeloro

Women’s Winner- Kathy MacDonald

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