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Residents Respond To Recent Violence With Huge Outpouring Of Support For Tewksbury Police

Jul 15, 2016 09:51AM ● By Bill Gilman

Liam, keft, and Grady McDermott and their mother paid a visit to the Tewksbury Police Department on Thursday to express their appreciation for the work done every day by the TPD officers. Deputy Chief John Voto, right, gave the family a tour of Police Headquarters.

Thank you cards, candy, flowers, deserts, meals.
These are just some of the ways Tewksbury residents have been making an effort to show their appreciation for the men and women of the Tewksbury Police Department in the wake of last weekend's horrific sniper attack in Dallas.
That attack, which left five officers dead and several more wounded, came amid growing protests over lethal force used by police against minority suspects. However, the attack produced a backlash -- a national outpouring of respect and gratitude for the men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line each day to serve the public.
Over the past several days, many Tewksbury residents have gone out of their way to say "Thank You" to the TPD.
Words cannot describe how much every member of this department appreciates the kind words, gestures, and support that we have received from those we serve in the wake of the recent violent attacks on law enforcement officers," said Tewksbury Police Chief Timothy Sheehan. "Just today (Thursday), representatives from one of our local day care providers came in with some of their young attendees and they brought hand-made cards and gifts to show their appreciation for the daily selfless actions of the men and women of this department."
The lobby of Police Headquarters now features floral arrangements sent by residents with simple notes of thanks attached.
Local businesses have shown their gratitude by sending food, such as calzones and pizzas for the officers on duty.

On Thursday, young Liam and Grady McDermott visited Police Headquarters with their mother to express their appreciation, in person. They had a chance to meet Deputy Chief John Voto and were given a tour of the station. Though still a pre-teen, Liam was well aware of the events in Dallas and the recent line-of-duty death of Auburn Police Officer and Tewksbury native Ronald Tarentino. He had many questions for the Deputy Chief, who graciously took the time to answer every one.
It was the type of personal interaction, Sheehan, Voto and their officers value deeply.
"Collectively we have heard hundreds of “thank you” acknowledgments from those we see in our daily interactions," said Sheehan. "We are truly blessed and fortunate to work in a community that comes together so strongly in times of tragedy as we have seen time and time again. The kindness of this community will not soon be forgotten."
For Voto, a particularly touching moment came earlier this week, when he had stopped in a local restaurant to grab a cup of coffee.
"An African-American lady walked up to me and said, 'would you pray with me,'" he said. "I said yes and we went outside and she prayed for me and the safety of all the officers in the department."
"We appreciate the all of the support that the people from this town has given us, and we will continue to work with the community to ensure the safety and quality of life for every citizen who comes into this community," said Voto.
Sheehan said it is a "somber time" to be a police officer and an even more difficult time for those whose family members or significant others work in law enforcement. But while they mourn the deaths of their brothers and sisters in blue, and are keenly aware of the increased level of danger, Sheehan said he and his officers will remain vigilant in their efforts to protect the community.
"I am extremely proud of the men and women of this Department that I am so very fortunate to lead and I pray for their safe return to the families after every tour of duty," he said.

Youngsters thank Tewksbury Police for their service

Youngsters thank Tewksbury Police for their service

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