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Liam Nation Steps Up For Special Needs Man Whose Bike Was Stolen

Jul 25, 2016 05:15PM ● By Bill Gilman
Many people get mad when they hear about someone being victimized or taken advantage of.
It's the special people that take the time to do something about it.
Liam Nation Founder Erin Knyff is one of those people.
Recently, through a Facebook post, she learned about Jeffrey Croteau, 37, of Lawrence. Jeffrey has Down Syndrome and recently, his three-wheeled bike, which he rides each weekend with his dad, was stolen from the back of his father's truck.
Knyff was heartbroken for the man and reached out to his family with an offer. Liam Nation would replace the three-wheel bike with a brand new one.
"I loved doing it," said Knyff. "(The story) was shared by someone I know on Facebook.  I got his mom's number found out what kind of bike and bought it! It'll be delivered to him Wednesday.
"And we paid to have someone put it together so he can be on it ASAP. It's what we do!"

Young man's bike is replaced.

Liam Nation Steps Up

Heartless thieves steal bike

Family outraged by theft, touched by generosity.

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