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Wamesit Lanes People Of The Week: Chris Stone And Kerri Quinn

Aug 16, 2016 06:40AM ● By Bill Gilman

Chris Sydell of Wamesit Lanes poses with People of the Week, Chris Stone and Kerri Quinn.

When the Tewksbury Memorial High School girls track team won the State Championship earlier this year, Chris Stone and Kerri Quinn celebrated with a special perspective.
The path traveled by the Redmen to the championship was a long one and Quinn and Stone had the pleasure of being there from the beginning -- The VERY beginning!
Stone, and her younger sister Quinn, recently completed their 12th season as co-directors of the Tewksbury Youth Summer Track Program. It's a program where many of the 2016 State Champions got their first taste of competitive track and developed a love for the sport.
"We were very excited," said Stone. "It's a great accomplishment for the girls. It's good to know they stuck with (running) and that they've done so well."
"A lot of parents were saying 'you started them out,'" added Quinn.
The Summer Youth Track Program has been around for several decades, with literally thousands of Tewksbury youngsters participating. Among them, Quinn and Stone, who started running as part of the summer program in the mid-70's, when it was being run by Coach Mike Daley.
Later Coach Bob MacDougall took over the program and ran it for many years. But when MacDougall retired, the program temporarily stopped and might have ended for good, had Quinn and Stone not stepped in.
Since then, the program has steadily grown, to the point where 100-200 boys and girls, ages 2-12, were gathering each Thursday night this summer at the new Tewksbury High track to run and, depending on their age, compete.
"I think the people just really appreciate the program. It's something they can do with the family," said Stone. "And it's always free."
One of the best endorsements of the summer program came when TMHS Track Coach Peter Molloy began bringing his own children to participate.
While Quinn and Stone deserve much of the credit for how successful the summer track program has been, they're quick to point out it's a team effort involving many volunteers. At the top of the list are members of the TMHS Track Team, who give back to the next generation of runners and earn community service hours at the same time.
"Ron Drouin, the (Tewksbury High) athletic director has been very supportive and John Lyons of the Community Services Office and the track coaches," said Quinn.
The program got a nice donation this year from Deputy Police Chief John Voto and the PAL program in the form of T-Shirts for all the participants. The shirts were created by Erin Westerway of Hero Sports.
Quinn and Stone were nominated  by Karla Banchaud, whose sons had participated in the Summer Track Program. Here is her nomination email:
I’d like to nominate Chris Stone and Kerry Quinn for the Wamasit person of the week.  These ladies have been voluntarily organizing the Summer Track program for several years.  Although my boys are getting a little old to participate, I was so happy to see that this program is continuing after taking some time off for the building of the new high school.   This great program not only encourages physical activity for all children, but gives families a chance to connect during the summer break.  It’s a wonderful service that they provide to our community.  I don’t really know them, but they are always positive and supportive to the children who participate – and welcoming to everyone who shows up!
Thank you for your consideration!
Karla Branchaud
For being named Wamesit Lanes People of the Week, Kerri Quinn and Chris Stone each received a gift card to Wamesit Lanes Family Entertainment Center.

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