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People You Know: Christine Cicero, Senior Account Clerk, Town of Tewksbury

Aug 18, 2016 01:50AM ● By Hollie Gonzalez

Christine Cicero

I've known Christine Cicero for years.  She is always happy, smiling and full of life.  She is the type of person you could have been friends with years ago, fallen out of touch with, and then when you see her it's like you never skipped a beat.
I introduce you to her because I want you to see just what type of people actually work for the town.  What type of hard work and dedication go into making Tewksbury the town we all know and love.  She truly gives 110 percent at her job as Senior Account clerk at Town Hall.
Hollie Gonzalez - Please tell us how long you have lived in Tewksbury?
Christine Cicero - All my life.  Well, since I was three years old.
HG - Can you tell me about your family roots here?
CC - My family moved here when I was very young.  They moved here from Watertown right after the Blizzard of 1978.  They planted our first roots here in Tewksbury a long time ago and now I am extending those roots as I get older and raise my kids.
HG - How many kids do you have?
CC - I have two boys.  Ryan is 13 years old and Colin is 11 years old.
HG - You must be so proud to have them grow up in the town that your parents started their lives in and now you are continuing.
CC - You know, Tewksbury is a great family town.  It is a great place to raise your kids in. So, yes to answer your question, I am very proud.
HG - You are the Senior Account Clerk for the Town of Tewksbury.  Describe your job.  What do you do?
CC - Well, I work for the town clerks office.  We run elections, issue birth certificates, death certificates, dog licenses, and are essentially the record keepers for the town.  We are the "face of town hall". 
HG - When you say run elections, what do you mean by that?
CC - We are the election staff.  We basically run the election process from start to finish.  I do everything from making sure all those pens that you fill out your ballots with are working, to preparing the bins, registering the voters, and all the clean up that comes with it from beginning to end.  It is a very long process that many people may not be aware of. 
HG - Do a lot of people participate or vote in town elections?
CC - Not as many as we would like.  The town works really hard on all the issues it presents.  Not just presidential or national elections, but town issues, and local elections as well.  Voter turn out is typically low and it is the same amount of work whether 500 people show up or 5000 people show up. A lot of people don't understand that your vote really does matter.  It could come down to that one last vote to completely change a town issue.  Voting is very important and when you work for the town, it means even more because of all the hard work and dedication we put into every election or vote.
HG - What are some things that people can do at the town clerks office that they may not know?
CC - They can do a whole lot of things.  For example, they can look up resident information, find old town records, and do Genealogy research.  You could also look up all old meeting minutes, or see past Selectmen decisions.   
HG - What is the funniest thing that someone has ever come in to the town clerks office to ask for?
CC - Well, A guy once came in to ask me for permit to cut his flowers in his own yard!
HG - No way?
CC - Really, but I was never really sure if he was kidding with me..
HG - How can the residents of Tewksbury find out about special town events and meetings?
CC - Well, our website of course.  It's  They can also see things we post on the kiosk in the town hall center.  ( this I learned, is the white billboard that stands directly in town hall center)  The town also has Twitter and Facebook.  You can always stop in to the office and ask us, or see the postings inside the office.  Also, what a lot of people don't know, which is kind of neat is that on the town website, you can sign up to receive notifications that the town is having something.  Just click on the "notify me" tab and follow the instructions.  It is a good way to stay in touch and informed about town events.
HG - You told me that you participated in career day at the Ryan school.
CC - It is something that we do every year.  It is really a great thing that the town of Tewksbury does.  When we go to the school we actually create a mock election for the kids.  The kids get to vote on creating the shape of the town dog tags for the following year.  Which ever shape gets the most votes, wins, and that is what the dog tags will look like!  We go through the whole process with them and they really get involved and have fun with it.  It is a great stepping stone to getting them involved with town elections.
HG - Is there anything in Tewksbury from the past that you would maybe like to see revived or come back to the area?
CC - The old drive in movie theater and the Tew-Mac Airport!
HG - What do you feel is the best part of living in Tewksbury?
CC - The comfort that the town has.  The family feeling it has.  Also, the access to so many different things.  All the major highways are in either direction and you are just a short drive to either Boston, or New Hampshire.
HG - What is something you think the town could benefit from more of?
CC - More outdoor activities.  By that I mean, hiking or biking and walking trails.  We have an outdoor committee that is working on trying to get more people more active as a community.  I think that is really important, to get more people out there in an organized activity.
HG - What is your advice for working, living and raising a family here?   What, in your opinion, is the secret?
CC - Get involved with the community.  Go to family events in the town.  Put your kids in sports programs and get to know the people of your town.  Participate in town events or projects and fundraisers.  The town offers a ton of free programs at the library too.  So , definitely, get involved.  This town is full of wholesome, good-hearted people.
On that note, I ended my interview with Christine.  But let me make one thing very clear, Christine Cicero is absolutely one of those wholesome good-hearted"people you should know".    I loved every minute of our interview.  I've never met anyone who was so very passionate about running a town election, or any other election in general.  She really puts her heart into all she does and it clearly comes through when she talks about her job and being part of Tewksbury.  Our town is very lucky to have her working for us.  I hope you all get a chance to meet her and say hi.  Go visit the town clerks office and see who is behind those counters and just for a minute, say "thanks."
Quick 5 - Christine Cicero
Last home improvement project - painted my front doors
Artist on your iPod that would surprise us - DMX
Reece's Peanut Butter Cups or Almond Joy - Reece's
Last thing that made you laugh out loud - talking to Hollie
Childhood Celebrity crush - Corey Haim
(Hollie Gonzalez lives in Tewksbury with her husband and two children.  She is very passionate about her town.)
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