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Oscar Camargo: Why I'm Running for State Representative

Aug 20, 2016 01:12PM ● By Oscar Camargo
Oscar Camargo

 I'm running against Jim for state representative. 


It's the reaction I get when I tell Tewksbury residents. They calm down when I clarify that I'm not running against Jim Micelli but rather Jim Lyons. Their next reaction is always, "Who's Lyons?" 

Lyons is the state representative for the 18th Essex–Andover, Boxford, North Andover, and Tewksbury. Still drawing a blank? I’m not surprised, given that Rep. Lyons’ three terms have been unaccomplished. That's why I'm seeking to replace him.

Rep. Lyons has been more preoccupied with presidential politics than on local matters. He was the chairman of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in Massachusetts, and also accrued one of the lowest committee attendance records in the State House. For a person who derides government for not working he's doing a fine job demonstrating why.

Rep. Lyons often cites a $4.5 billion increase in local aid, increases in funding for special education and charter schools as his accomplishments. Claiming accomplishments of the Baker Administration is the equivalent of the rooster thinking he’s the reason the sun rises. Rep. Lyons is ineffective because he doesn't believe in the power of cooperation and it's hurting us. 

For example, we face an opioid and heroin epidemic, but Rep. Lyons’ legislation failed to gain any traction. Why? Because no one takes his proposals seriously. Our community is working with one arm tied behind its back – Rep. Micelli can't carry the load forever.

We need someone who’s got the energy and focus to tackle tough issues. As a 16-year Army veteran, I understand the meaning of public service and leadership. I want to focus on education, business development, and work with like-minded leaders to get things done. That's why I’m running because I know I can do better–we can do better.

Oscar Camargo is a resident of Andover. He describes himself as "Veteran. Volunteer. Believer."

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