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Renegade Goat Roaming Free And Having Fun In Tewksbury

Aug 28, 2016 03:41PM ● By Bill Gilman
Maybe he's looking for his brothers and a troll bridge?
Over the past 24 hours, several callers have phoned Police Headquarters to report a goat on the loose in the Wamesit neighborhood.
Most recently, the goat was spotted on Main Street near the power lines.
According to Police, they are well aware of the goat and they are working to identify the owner.
Some on the internet are speculating the Tewksbury goat might be related to the "Lowell Goat" that roamed free for several weeks last year.

NESMO Retweeted Tewksbury Police

Where has @TheLowellGoat been? A relative perhaps?....

Another possibility could be that the goat is an escapee from the nearby Oliveira Farms slaughterhouse on Marston Street.

The Tewksbury Goat is rapidly gaining popularity and now has its own Twitter Account.

Have you seen the goat? Send your photos and videos of this gruff billy goat to

Goat on the loose

The Tewksbury Goat has its own Twitter account

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