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Wamesit Lanes Person Of The Week: Mike Bello

Aug 31, 2016 08:34PM ● By Bill Gilman

Nick Deming of Wamesit Lanes present Mike Bello with his gift card as the latest Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week.

It's not that Mike Bello goes out of his way to fill his free time with volunteering.
He kind of can't help himself.
The thing is, once Bello gets involved with an organization, he doesn't just dip his toes in to help out a little bit. Rather, he dives into the deep end and immerses himself in the cause.
It was because his deep commitment to helping others that Bello was named Knight of the Year by the Tewksbury Knights of Columbus (Council 4336), earlier this summer. And it for the same reason that he is our newest Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week.
"I just like to do, I like to help," said Bello. "If someone needs a hand, I'll try to help out."
Bello and his wife, Terri, have lived in Tewksbury 21 years. The couple has a teenage daughter, Theresa.
Three years ago, Bello attended an event at the Tewksbury K of C with a friend and liked what he saw. The more he learned about the Knights, the more he wanted to be a part of an organization committed to the community and dedicated to helping people.
"It's been so rewarding. I've gained more than I ever could have expected out of the experience," he said.
The Tewksbury Knights of Columbus have close to 500 members and will be marking their 60th anniversary as a council in 2017.
Bello quickly became involved in several of the Knights' charitable activities and has climbed the council's leadership ladder. He now serves on the Board of Directors for Building Use and is the  Deputy Grand Knight, the council's second in command.
Bello also sits on the Board of Directors of the Tewksbury Community Food Pantry and has been a volunteer with the organization for six years. He initially got involved with the food pantry because his wife's 4-H Troop was volunteering.
Bello's two primary volunteering activities dovetail nicely, as the Knights host three food drives for the Food Pantry each year. In 2015, the Knights were able to donate more than 2500 pounds of food.
Bello has also been active with the Knights' annual Hoop Shoot, a free throw shooting contest which has seen Tewksbury youngsters enjoy great success lately.
"We've had three State Champs in the last two years, one boy and two girls," he said. "And that's quite an achievement because it starts with our Council competition and then you move on to the districts and the regionals and then finally the states."
But the Knights' activity that makes Bello's eyes light up like Christmas morning is the annual God's Special Children Prom, held each spring at Tewksbury Country Club. According to Bello, eight area Knights' councils pool their resources and put on the event for special needs adults, many of whom never had the chance to enjoy the full "Prom Experience" when they were teenagers.
"It's such a wonderful event," said Bello. "We have a DJ and there's dancing. Fudruckers donates all the food. Last year we had about 200 participants. Each council brings guests from their town."
As happy as the participants are, Bello says the family members who also attend the event might be even happier, as they see their loved ones enjoying Prom, something many had not thought possible.
For being named Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week, Mike Bello has received a gift card from Wamesit Lanes Family Entertainment Center.

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