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Heath Brook School Begins School Year With Years Of Experience At The Ready

Sep 17, 2016 06:42AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Teacher Carole Gallo leads the way.

(Editor's Note: this content wa provided by the Tewksbury Public Schools.)

When the school year began, Heath Brook School Principal Felicia Wettstone brought the teachers together for a faculty meeting to set the stage for the school year. The meeting was different from past years.

Teachers were asked to write down the year they started in education, who was the President of the U.S. when they started teaching, and other various background questions. What were determined were the various personal and professional backgrounds of the staff.

“I started the school year in this manner to celebrate the work that the teachers and staff do. It was really interesting that when we met in small groups we found that many had education as a second career. It was really interesting to see where everyone was coming from,” said Principal Wettstone.

In addition, the Heath Brook School teaching staff has 818 years of teaching experience for the students to enjoy.  Carole Gallo, Grade 2 teacher, led the way with 35 years of experience. Carole currently is planning to retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Students that attend the Heath Brook School are fortunate to have a dedicated staff and teachers with many years of experience to enjoy in order to begin their life long education journey.

“For those of us coming in during the early 2000’s, my first year teaching was 9/11. Students were getting dismissed, and connecting that event to the start of your teaching career was memorable. It was interesting for some of us who started then,” said Principal Wettstone.

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