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Finals Week Thoughts

Dec 19, 2016 02:06PM ● By Caitlyn Leary

What went through your head during finals week at college? Caitlyn Leary shares her thoughts.

Finals week happens two times per school year, and let's face it, they are the two most stressful weeks of your life. Finals are a time for self-reflection, and you realize how much you slacked or did the right things for the past 15 weeks. So while you are all stressed out over your future, take a study break and have a laugh at some of the thoughts that always pop into your head during this awful time in your life.

1. Finals week is so far away, I'll be alright.

2. Finals start in two days...?!

3. I'm screwed. Why did I not buy all the required books?

4. Did we even learn this?

5. *Has to study* *Watches two more netflix episodes*

6. Maybe I should start studying...nah I'll just cram.

7. Maybe cramming isn't a good idea.

8. Nah, I'll be alright.


10. Orders every type of fattening food to make your sad self feel better about your awful grades.

11. Operation learn 15 weeks of material in approximately 12 hours.

12. Team no sleep!

13. Where are the therapy dogs?

14. Is it too late to withdraw from this class?

15. If eating were a major, I would get an A.

16. The lowest grade I can get is a 34 to still pass the class.

17. I think it is time to say goodbye to my friends since I will be failing out this semester.

18. C's get degrees and D stands for diploma.

19. Maybe I will actually study in the library.

20. *Goes to library* *Can't find seat* *Leaves*

21. If I get hit by a vehicle on campus, I will be excused from my finals and get free tuition.

22. Maybe I'll just become a stripper.

23. Scrolls through all social media for an hour and a half while "studying."

24. Why did I come to college?

25. My friends that didn't go to college are doing really big things and buying really nice things.

26. I'm in so much debt.

27. Back to netflix it is.

28. There are no tears left in me to cry.

29. I'm sorry family for being a failure.

29. If I throw myself down a flight of stairs will I still have to take my final?

30. Sorry fellow students for my appearance this week.

(Caitlyn Leary is a sophomore at Franklin Pierce University. Her previous columns can be found here.)

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