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Wamesit Lanes Person Of The Week: Michelle Chase

Jan 02, 2017 08:28PM ● By Bill Gilman

Michelle Chase, right, is presented with her gift card for being named Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week.

Be honest, you love Girl Scout cookies.
Maybe Caramel deLites are your favorites. Perhaps Peanut Butter Patties make your mouth water. Or maybe it's Thin Mints or Samoas ...mmmmm Samoas!
Sorry, got distracted.
The point is, Girl Scout Cookies have become a billion-dollar industry and the distribution system has become a finely tuned machine.
But, unlike most corporations, the distribution system of Girl Scout Cookies runs on the power of volunteers. Locally, one of the volunteers who makes sure the distribution system runs smoothly is Michelle Chase. And she is our Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week.
Chase and Karen Anderson serve as co-coordinators for cookie distribution in Tewksbury and Wilmington. 
Chase has been a volunteer with Girl Scouts for 10 years, ever since her oldest daughter, now 15, joined the newly formed Troop 66771. Later, she became Troop Leader for her 10-year-old's Troop 65333. Of course, volunteering meant becoming part of the Girl Scout Cookie system. 
"About five years (after starting as a volunteer), the woman that had been doing the coordinator's job for the two towns was doing it any more and I was asked to step up and do it and I did," said Chase.
Including all of the various age groups, Chase and Anderson coordinate cookie distribution for approximately 50 Girl Scout Troops. Last year, those troops sold more that 30,000 boxes of cookies!
Chase says the cookie distribution process has changed considerably over the years. The person in her position once had to distribute cookies to the individual troops. Now, troops are able to have coolies shipped directly to them. Chase's role is administrative support, making sure the process runs smoothly, making sure each troop has enough cookies and answering any questions from troop leaders regarding navigating the cookie sale software.
The new Girls Scout Cookie campaign began Dec. 9 and will continue into May. For Chase, it's a time of excitement with a bit of stress mixed in.
In addition to their two daughters, Chase and her husband Peter have a 12-year-old son.
For being named Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week, Michelle has received a gift card to Wamesit Lanes Family Entertainment Center in Tewksbury.

Michelle was nominated to be Wamesit Lanes Person of the Week by her friend, Christine Chebro. Here is Christine, nomination e-mail:
I would like to nominate Michelle Chase for person of the week for Wamesit Lanes.  
Michelle is the Cookie Manager for Baldwin Service Unit Girl Scouts in Tewksbury and Wilmington.  Michelle volunteers many hours for this position.   There is a lot of work involved with selling cookies.
Michelle answers questions and guides new and seasoned troop cookie managers and leaders with all aspects of selling cookies.  She is responsible for providing updated information to troops and reminding them of deadlines.  She has done this volunteer job for at least 5 years.  Michelle is also a Girl Scout leader to her daughter Heather’s troop.  She supports her daughter Meredith’s troop by being both the Troop Fall Fundraiser manager and troop cookie manager.  She has a busy family and also works.  I really appreciate the time and effort Michele devotes to help our girls build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

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