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EarthView Comes To Wynn Middle School

Jan 08, 2017 06:55AM ● By Theresa Gilman


(Editor's Note: this content was provided by Tewksbury Public Schools.) 

Bridgewater State College's EarthView program allows children the opportunity to learn about the earth from a new perspective - from the inside of an inflatable model of the Earth, 22 feet in diameter and two stories tall! The EarthView is a fascinating teaching tool and a delicate work of art. The outside is a hand-painted, large-scale map of the Earth's surface, showing biological communities, rivers, seas, landforms, continents, islands, oceans, and major cities. The inside reveals the positions of tectonic plate boundaries and ocean spreading centers. The EarthView team includes three educators who use both the outside and the inside of EarthView to create vivid lessons about global cultures, political geography, and climate change.

“This is the third year that Wynn PAC has sponsored this event for the 7th grade geography classes Staff from Bridgewater State College bring in a giant (20 feet tall) globe and the students go inside. The event is partially funded by a grant from the Tewksbury Cultural Council”, said Karla Branchaud, Wynn PAC. EarthView at Wynn is scheduled for January 20.

This program contributes to the study of geography for the Wynn 7th grade students. A sound education in geography helps students to understand their role and our government's role in global, political, military, and economic affairs. Our lives are becoming increasing globalized, where we must know about the places that make up our world. The EarthView is a dramatization of a globalized world and brings the study of geography to our students in a unique and effective way.

The EarthView team consists of three educators. Dr. Vernon Domingo is a geographer at Bridgewater State College where he teaches human and physical geography. Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan, who has taught at Bridgewater State College for thirteen years, is an environmental and cultural geographer specializing in Latin America. Rosalie Sokol is a retired geography teacher from the Tantasqua Regional School District and a geography consultant for the Mass. Geographic Alliance. Learn more about EarthView here.

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