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High School Friendships vs. College Friendships

Apr 20, 2017 06:21PM ● Published by Caitlyn Leary

High school friendships are what got you all through your four years of what may have seemed like at the time, the worst four years of your life. These friendships were the reason why you had a smile on your face at the end of the day. As you grew from a 14 year old freshman to an 18 year old senior, you all created crazy and hysterical memories together. You never knew that in just one short year, you would drift away from your so called "best friends forever." This is the part of growing up that is always going to be the hardest. You will keep some of your high school friendships, but unfortunately, it's almost impossible to keep all of them.

You all are going in different directions, and no one can change things change on their own. You lose touch and stop texting each other every day to find out the latest gossip. You will soon find new friendships in college that will completely change the way you look at the world around you. These new friends will teach you so many new ways on how to live. These people will be coming from all over the country/world. You never know who you are going to meet in college, and that is the most special part.

College can be a scary place at first. You're more than likely going to be alone and you might know a person or two from your hometown, but you will be faced with creating a whole new friend group. You will soon find out that the friends that you become with during your four years of college will be more similar than not with you. Whether it be interests in clubs or sports, your college friends will just get you right from the start.

Just like high school, your four years of college will fly by and be over before you know it. This is why it is crucial to make the best of these four years and befriend the people who you know you couldn't do life without. Make hundreds of memories together, laugh together, cry together, do everything together. These friends will be your forever friends.

(Caitlyn Leary is a sophomore at Franklin Pierce College and a graduate of Tewksbury High.)

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