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Access to the Spiritual Current

Apr 20, 2017 07:36PM ● By Corey Starliper
You know the moats they have at water parks, where you can float along the perimeter of the park in tubes writhing with human effluvia until you get tired and roll your sun baked body into the current and up the stairs to the next ride?

The Universe has one of those as well, just not nearly as disgusting or overcrowded. In fact, each of us has our own lazy moat, and yes, we are responsible for keeping it clean. There is a constant flow of pristine energy running through each of our lives, even in dream!

I've touched upon this point many times but I feel that its an integral part of a practical approach to spiritual living. In order to learn to live practically in any given situation, we need to learn to experience things on different frequencies.

I have discovered, after 32 years of struggling, that reducing the amount of energy exerted by sharpening our focus to a more definitive causal link can actually result in higher productivity at less than half the cost.

We chase a dog and the dog runs away. We sit, and the dog comes to us.

We run from a hornet and the hornet gives chase. We freeze and let the wretched thing investigate as it will, and it flies away unprovoked.

Looking at it from an extremely literal perspective (why not?), it takes less energy to pull something than it does to push, more energy to express anger than it does to remain reticent. We feel energized after a light meal and exhausted and physically uncomfortable after a huge one.

The common denominator here is that when we try to take physical control of a situation, we dismiss the karmic strength that we have developed over the years, resulting in highly concentrated amounts of energy that we really don't need for the moment being spent on things we really can't afford to be spending it on.

The karmic undercurrent is physical, it just can't be quantified.

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