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Per Request: Managing Intense Emotions

Apr 23, 2017 06:50PM ● By Corey Starliper
I received a request last night for a post about how to handle intense emotion.

Let me start out by saying that I have a limited emotional vocabulary and in having Asperger's I tend to use only about 10% of it (if that). I'm suddenly reminded of an episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon laughs at himself after recording in his journal that he misses the warmth of human companionship. (BAZINGA!)

One of the most important lessons I've ever learned was that I could start my day over whenever I wanted to.

The Dharma (Buddhist teaching) implies that suffering is derived from attachment. We only lose what we cling to. When we become angry, fearful, distressed or anxious, it is because we expect certain results and believe that desirable results will make us happy.

We only lose what we cling to. Results do not make us happy. Letting go makes us happy.

The only thing we lose in resetting at the critical moment, when all else fades from our vision and we begin to plan the unfortunate demise of the offending individual, is the socially appropriated response to whatever situation we are dealing with at the time.

Every single moment afforded us comes in a bran new package, a clean slate to which we can apply absolutely any emotion we want. For said individual, we might, for example, choose to feel compassion, even love. Those who hurt us are our greatest gurus because they accent the importance of kindness in each of our lives.
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