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Thoughts Are Physical: Part 2

May 23, 2017 12:17PM ● By Corey Starliper
Thoughts Are Physical (cont'd)

I was discussing quantum physics with a number of people last night, relating it to the concept that thoughts are physical. For those of you who, having read part 1 in this series (the first post in this blog), remain ambivalent as to whether or not intention can create reality, I assure you that it can, and there is a scientific explanation for it. It's involved, so bear with me.

In the present moment, there are three states of being: events past, events current, and quantum (the potential for events to come to pass). I want to give a brief description here of basic quantum physics so you can follow along.

You have two boxes, same height, depth, dimension, color, weight, the whole bit. In one of those boxes there is a blue ball.  Which box is the blue ball in? You can't lift the lids up to check. All you know is that the blue ball is in either one box or the other.

To compensate for the discrepancy, the brain assigns a blue to each box. 

That discrapancy has mass. 

In order for an event to come to pass, quantum energy must be used in full. It is filtered through reality and is translated for us along the space/time continuum. In simple terms, once we discern which box the blue ball is in, the quantum energy disappears because the potential for the ball to be in the other box has been lost, and there is no way for us to go back and change the end result.

If you work your way backwards, everything that occurs on the space/time continuum has occurred in the quantum field prior to realization.

Just as every physical action we take has an impact on what happens here, intention (because it has quantum mass just like any other thought) affects the quantum field directly, sending ripples through it. This means that the only limitations we have on the space/time are the limits we impose on ourselves.

We decide how high the ladder goes.

Will Smith said "I looked people in the eye, and I talked to people as if I was deservant of everything this planet has to offer." 

Look for part 3 in the Thoughts Are Physical series to learn how to use this knowledge to create the reality that you wish to create. 

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