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Wilmington/Tewksbury Chamber Spotlight: The Self-Defense Institute

Jun 07, 2017 01:28PM ● By Bill Gilman

The Self-Defense Institute, MGM Plaza (Located next to US Post Office), 1721 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA:

 At The Self-Defense Institute in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, we tailor our professional martial arts training programs to meet the needs of modern-day adults, corporate employees, and their families. Our philosophy aims to fortify spirits, cultivate minds, and build energy-charged bodies. We teach students to develop energy-charged bodies to reduce stress and create success when balancing work, school, and family life.  Established in 1999, The Self-Defense Institute, located next to the U.S. Post Office at MGM Plaza, 1721 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA, continues to be recognized for exemplary teaching, leadership in the community and a commitment to excellence.

Educating, Encouraging, & Understanding

At The Self-Defense Institute, we truly understand that tomorrow’s leaders start as today’s students. Our training is a “healthy lead” for students’ mind, body, and spirit as they balance employment and family values. 


You Can Accomplish Anything

Many martial arts centers have diverse goals ranging from personal growth to mental and physical self-discipline. We root our training in the belief that you can accomplish anything you say you can, because nothing is ever over until the moment you stop trying. Our goal is to help you have an open mind, heart, and spirit to welcome the thoughts of others. 



Our Principles

Key principles we focus on include wisdom, a spirit of happiness, and tapping into an energy resource. As you generate inner peace, the level of your energy soars. The environmental opportunities we offer represent the balance of your mind and body.


Certified Instructors

Our Chief Instructors are certified 5th Degree Masters, who have been instructing Kempo/Karate/Ju-jitsu and Self-Defense with Practical Results for over 25 years locally and at corporate locations. They are active members of the World Martial Arts Federation and have been certified as Tai Chi Instructors by Grandmaster Jin Heng Li, Wu Shu World Champion, Chinese Rope Dart Expert, TaiChi GrandMaster,Senior Member Beijing Wu Shu Team, who is also Jet Li's big brother!  In 2012, the chief instructors were recognized out of hundreds of martial arts centers in the Northeast by the Bruce Lee Foundation for their dedication and commitment, exemplary teaching, leadership in the community and a commitment to "Excellence" standards.

The Self-Defense Institute can be found on Facebook:

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Benefits from Training at the Self-Defense Institute:

  • Self-Control 
  • Self-Respect & Self-Confidence 
  • Good Sportsmanship 
  • Positive Character
  • Responsibility & Discipline 
  • Teamwork with Others Who Share the Same Goals & Interest 
  • Pride for Individual Accomplishments

Programs and Martial Arts Style:

Training students in the art of Kempo Karate/Ju-Jitsu/KungFu/Age-Appropriate Self-Defense from preschool to high school, college and adults.  Ages 3-18 and Adults. Many students cross train in the martial arts to strengthen focus, confidence, patience, self-control, flexibility, endurance and agility.  College Scholarships are awarded yearly to high school seniors.  Registering at The Self-Defense Institute for lessons ($89 per month with no contracts) is very easy.  Simply email Shihan Deb at to start on your journey to Black Belt, an international sign of personal excellence.

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