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Wresting Color From the Canvas: House Rule #14

Aug 21, 2017 07:56PM ● By Corey Starliper
  1. Earth is a school and daily life is our classroom

  2. Our teachers come in many forms

  3. We learn best through direct experience

  4. Failures are the stepping stones to success

  5. Lessons reappear until we learn them

  6. If we don’t learn the easy lessons, they get harder

  7. Consequences teach better than concepts

  8. Only action brings ideas to life

  9. We can control efforts, not outcomes

  10. Timing is everything

  11. What goes around comes around

  12. Little things can make a big difference

  13. Play to your strengths

  14. To transform your life, change your expectations

Not only is the quantum field affected by what we do. It is also affected by what we expect. 

Expectation is a point of interest in Buddhism.  The main difference between Buddhism and most New Age ideologies is that the ability to change our path is becoming more widely accepted than the 'desire not, suffer not' philosophy.

This House Rule often presents in individuals with a history of depression.

Depression has a reflexive relationship with the way things seem to go in our lives. The more that goes wrong, the more depressed we become. The more depressed we become, the more that goes wrong. 

The second we believe that something good can happen, we set it in motion. This is by no means an exact science, but it is a science. Results are repeatable. Like any echo, intention is cast into the quantum field and returns slightly, but definitively, altered.

Will Smith said "Whenever you inject extremes into the Universe, you can expect extremes to come back."

Reference the pilot post to my blog, The Introvert Exposed: A Practical Approach to Spiritual Living, for a more comprehensive understanding of this House Rule.

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