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Wresting Color From the Canvas: House Rule #15

Aug 27, 2017 01:33PM ● By Corey Starliper
  1. Earth is a school and daily life is our classroom

  2. Our teachers come in many forms

  3. We learn best through direct experience

  4. Failures are the stepping stones to success

  5. Lessons reappear until we learn them

  6. If we don’t learn the easy lessons, they get harder

  7. Consequences teach better than concepts

  8. Only action brings ideas to life

  9. We can control efforts, not outcomes

  10. Timing is everything

  11. What goes around comes around

  12. Little things can make a big difference

  13. Play to your strengths

  14. To transform your life, change your expectations

  15. Judge with compassion

Many of us struggle with resentment.

I had a resentment against one of the turkeys that run around in my yard for having a fight with his reflection on both sides of my car the other day. I guess that's what I get for finally getting the hot wax at the car wash and making sure my car looked bran new.

I guess what really bothered me was that the turkey didn't know any better so I couldn't blame the whole thing on him. The only person who could reasonably answer for such madness, for which I almost needed to file a claim with my insurance company, was myself.

Six hours later I forgave the bird (myself?) for its stupidity and even began to feel bad for it. This morning, I looked out the window to find that he'd returned with the troops. They were circling my car and attacking their reflections in turn.

I ran outside with an umbrella and broke up the fight.

When we blame others for things about themselves which make us uncomfortable, their appearance, their attitude, their actions...we close off the side of ourselves that might feel love for that person if we think about why they are doing what they are doing; things that we might be doing had we gone through the same thing.

The reality is we don't know why the other person is acting in that manner. Every single one of us have done the absolute best we could with whatever situations we have been dealt simply by virtue of being alive. There are so many variables that dictate behavior that the only justifiable way to view someone is through imperfect eyes and in perfect love and understanding.
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