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'Tails' From The Farm: The Great Duck/Horse Conspiracy

Oct 25, 2017 06:54AM ● By Jenny Nagle
Ok... I get it - everyone in world (that is not a farmer) is ALL excited (when) it’s Friday because the weekend is, for all intents and purposes, here. Everyone is antsy to get out and run wild and free.
Well, if you don’t have someone in your office that is willing to let you run like someone left the gate open, maybe you would like to borrow Tuka?
Darnit Tuka has been recruited by the ducks to cause havoc and mayhem throughout my world. Now Tuka did this just fine on his own without direction from the evil ducks well before the ducks even arrived here. Now that they have teamed up..... well, I can’t even begin to imagine what the consequences are going to be for my future....
So, here I am. Friday morning. In the goat barn milking my sweet little goats who are kind and loving and always staying exactly where they are supposed to stay (did I just jinx that???). I come out of the barn, turn the corner and BAM! There is Darnit Tuka INSIDE the loafing pen of the goat barn eating the goats feed.
Granted, this was a daily thing for Tuka when he had run of the farm over the Summer - he clearly believed himself to be a rather large goat, but I had coaxed him into being a h-o-r-s-e (don’t tell him that) and going into the turnout with the other horses. Therefore, seeing him IN the loafing pen as opposed to OUT with his herd was mildly surprising. Just not quite as surprising as looking past his big butt and seeing many other herd members OUT of their turnout.
Now, when you watch the videos below, it may “sound” like I said a bad word, but that is just your ears playing tricks on you. What I actually said was “Are you PUMPKIN kidding me?!?!?” My daughter always says “bad words are sad words” and “swearing is not caring”, so I want to jump ahead and protect myself from her wrath when she reads this post!
Attached below you will see 3 eye-opening videos from the security cameras. The first is the video showing how Meatball and Darnit Tuka worked together (inspiring video of how to work with your co-workers when it’s Friday, I must say).
The only surprise as I reviewed the footage is that I mistakenly automatically blamed only Tuka for letting everyone out. Meatball unlatched the gate and Tuka opened it. I’d apologize to Darnit Tuka, but I’m just not sorry. The second video gives you a glimpse into my realizing that ALL but 2 horses were out galloping around like they worked in an office and suddenly realized it’s 5pm on a Friday. Clearly, they need watches.
Also, good to note in video #2 that a) my shock value at the moment I realized Tuka was back to himself and b) 2 horses stayed in. 3 year old Raven (a rescue Percheron who is sweet as pie) and Hershey (who is completely blind so couldn’t find the gate opening.... sorry, Hershey, but thank God.... I can’t imagine me chasing a blind pony around the farm!). Video #3 is purely for your entertainment.... the horses saw me coming and that I was not as excited for their new found adventures as they were.
Alls well that ends well. Everyone is back home where they belong. 
Now, you may be asking.... how did the ducks have anything to do this??? Well, truth be told, I currently hold the ducks responsible for EVERY single solitary thing that does not go according to plan in my life now. Also, when I finally got to go home to refill my coffee they were doing that evil quack laugh at me as I went by their pond.
 They’re not fooling me. They totally got this whole thing going.

The Great Duck/Horse Conspiracy!

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