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Viral Tewksbury Native Who Offered Solution to Zodiac 340 to Release First Novella to Public at No Charge

Nov 09, 2017 09:58AM ● By Corey Starliper
Shadow On The Hearth - A direct link to my first novella free of charge! I own the rights to the picture on the title page.

Several years ago, I gave my solution to the Zodiac 340 to a local online newspaper, The Tewksbury Patch. The article soon went viral, but misinformation in the first release (my fault) led to a flurry of accusations that instead of trying to make a difference, I was trying to somehow turn a profit. I even spoke with an attorney who threatened to file charges against me if I ever turned around and wrote a book about the whole thing.

Well, I've written one.

It has nothing to do with the case (I've long since let that nightmare wither away. I even went viral for a second time a year later and didn't know about it--not sure if it's happened again in the interim), and I don't want any money for it. Again, zero compensation whatsoever. The novella is fictional, based loosely on my experiences in a small college town out in western Massachusetts.

The decision to release the novella for free comes as a result of not wanting to tie my passion into the need for monetary gain. The idea that a publisher gets to decide whether or not my work should be worth something is sickening to me. As the character in this story struggles to bring resolution to an idea he has but floats just inches out of reach, I bring resolution to a fictional story more than a decade in the making.

I took a lot of heat when I went viral. I have every right to redeem myself through the same media that nearly destroyed me.


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