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Quantum Exposed: Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior; 1

Feb 10, 2018 11:28AM ● By Corey Starliper

Life brought rewards, but no lasting peace or satisfaction.

(Millman, p. 4, Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior)

The lasting peace and satisfaction that Millman sought is not unlike the peace and satisfaction that we seek everyday.

What many of us fail to realize, however, is that sustainable satisfaction is not always tangible.

I spent a long time using alcohol, drugs, tobacco and food to generate a feeling of “okayness” which I've since come to realize I'd been confusing for genuine soul satisfaction.

What works for me in terms of sustainable satisfaction is doing those things which give me the "warm fuzzies." Sustainable satisfaction continues to maintain value when other things fail to meet the same objective over time.

One example of sustainable satisfaction--for me, anyway--is photography.

The more I engage in it, the more angles I realize there are to the world. I become aware of the vast array of colors available to us in nature, the difference between candor and facade, and how the eyes can tell a more intricate story than a novel.

The more I think about photography and the opportunities that lie within it, the warmer I feel in my stomach and upper torso. I cannot replicate that feeling using drugs or alcohol or food. It is a feeling reserved specifically to abate the hunger constantly welling up from within my soul.

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