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2018 Election: A New Contested Race Emerges On The Ballot

Feb 12, 2018 05:54PM ● By Bill Gilman
Just eight days remain for candidates to take the necessary steps to get their names on the April 7 Municipal Election ballot.
Thanks to recent action by the Board of Selectmen, a new, contested race has emerged.
As of Friday, Feb. 9, Ray Lisiecki and Eric Ryder had taken out nomination papers for a two-year term on the Planning Board. A vacancy on the board was created when Keith Anderson submitted his resignation with just over two years remaining on his five-year term. Last week, the Board of Selectmen voted to add a two-year term to the April ballot.
In the meantime, candidates continue to return their nomination sheets, with the signatures of at least 50 registered Tewksbury voters, to the Town Clerk's office for certification. Most notably, incumbent Selectman Mark Kratman and challengers George Ferdinand and Brian Dick have all had their nominations certified.
As of Feb. 9, just the Selectmen's race and the two-year Planning Board race will be contested. Incumbents running for re-election to the Tewksbury School Committee, Shawsheen Tech School Committee, Planning Board (five-year term), Board of Health and Library Board of Trustees are running unopposed.
However, there is still time for residents to step forward and throw their hat into the ring for any of the races on the ballot.

Nomination status, through Feb. 9:

                                                                            Taken out papers     Signatures certified

Board of Selectmen (2 Seats/ 3 Year Term) 

I - David H. Gay (will not run for re-election)

I - Mark S. Kratman                                                          YES                                     YES

George Ferdinand                                                             YES                                     YES

Brian Dick                                                                          YES                                    YES

School Committee (2 Seats/ 3 Year Term)  

I - James A. Cutelis                                                          YES                                     NO

I - Dennis G. Francis                                                         YES                                    YES

Planning Board (1 Seat/ 5 Year Term) 

I - Robert A. Fowler                                                          YES                                    YES

Planning Board (1 Seat/ 2 Year Term) 

Eric Ryder                                                                         YES                                    NO
Ray Lisiecki                                                                       YES                                    NO

Board of Library Trustees (2 Seats/ 3 Year Term) 

I - Paige Ferry Impink                                                        YES                                    YES

I - Patricia A. Pino                                                              YES                                   NO  

Board of Health (2 Seats/ 3 Year Term) 

I - Raymond M. Barry                                                         YES                                  NO

I - Robert G. Scarano                                                         YES                                  NO

Shawsheen Valley Regional Technical High School Committee (1 Seat/ 3 Year Term) 

I - Lisa J. Puccia                                                                  YES                                 YES

I - Incumbent

The last day for candidates to file their nomination papers is Tuesday, Feb. 20  before 5 p.m., at the Town Clerk’s Office. Fifity (50) valid registered Tewksbury voter’s signatures and addresses are required. 

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