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Election 2018 Q and A: Selectmen Candidates Discuss What Sets Them Apart From Their Opponents

Apr 03, 2018 09:13PM ● By Bill Gilman

From left, incumbent Selectman Mark Kratman, challenger George Ferdinand and challenger Brian Dick.

As part of Your Tewksbury Today's coverage of the 2018 Tewksbury Municipal Election, we asked the candidates for Board of Selectmen a series of four questions and asked them to respond, in writing.
We will publish the questions individually, along with the answers provided by all three candidates, so that voters can compare them. Our goal is to provide voters with as much information as possible to help them make an informed decision.

Question 3

What qualities do you being to the table that make you different than your two opponents and better suited to serve as a selectman?

Mark Kratman

                         Mark Kratman

 When I ran 3 years ago I knew I could offer fresh ideas to the Board. My experience working for both public and private business I think is a great benefit to our Town. Working for MassDOT I understand how State Government works and along with my fellow board members we have drafted a plan to get Route 38 reconstructed and resurfaced. This section of roadway has been neglected for decades. In the last 2 years we were able to get 2 sections of Route 38 completed. I have had constant contact with our State Delegation and we have 3 more projects schedule for completion in the next few years. This work does not happen without a strong voice of leadership and I have lobbied for every available dollar from the State to complete this work. The reconstruction to the main road that travels through our community will alleviate the congestion that we face every day and bring to business to our town. There should be sidewalks the entire length of this roadway and I want to continue to fight to see this work completed.

Brian Dick

                            Brian Dick 

 Not only am I a lifelong Tewksbury resident, I own a business in Tewksbury.  I view Tewksbury from both a residential and commercial perspective and this sets me apart from other candidates.  I believe this experience allows me to look at things through a different lens which is healthy for discussion and debate.  

I am truly invested in Tewksbury.  I live here, own a business here, my wife Michelle works for the schools and I served on the School Committee for six years. I love my community and the people in it and will always make every decision with residents foremost in my mind. 

My experiences as business owner and former school committee member have allowed me to become an excellent collaborator, listener and communicator.  I understand the town budgeting process and am a resident-focused and action-oriented candidate. 

George Ferdinand

                        George Ferdinand 

 All three candidates have the experience and love of community for the position. With my 33 years as a United Auto Worked in many appointed and elected positions, a member of the Board of Health, the Vision Committee and the non-profit Tewksbury Cares as Vice Chairman the qualities I possess of Negotiations, Census Building, and Conflict Resolution with common sense plus compromise when the numbers aren’t there. In closing the last quality whether in public or private meeting I have and will continue is; asking the tough questions without a long history in our town.


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