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Tewksbury Residents Targeted By Phone Scam, Police Issue New Warning

Scam Alert

Atty. Paul King

 Criminals are currently targeting seniors with a phone scam that often begins with those heart-tugging words. The caller claims to be a person’s grandson or granddaughter.

There are several variations of the scam, but most follow a formula:
- The caller is a grandchild in trouble, often in a foreign country.
- The caller begs the grandparent not to tell his or her parents.
- The caller is being held by law enforcement.
- The caller needs bail money to get back home.
- The money must be wired to a foreign location.

Many seniors have already been victimized by this scam. They have lost tens of thousands of dollars to criminals preying on their emotions. Don’t be the next victim.

What can you do?
- Never wire money to someone you don’t know.
- Check out the story.
- If you suspect you have been the victim of a scams, call the Tewksbury Police Department (978)851-7373 EXT. “0”

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