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19th Middlesex Challenger Pina Prinzivalli Is Officially On The Ballot

Apr 15, 2018 07:05AM

Tewksbury Republican Pina Prinzivalli, State Rep. James Miceli, D-Wilmington

(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by the campaign of Pina Prinzivalli.)

On Thursday, Pina Prinzivalli, Tewksbury resident and Republican candidate for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District, submitted her certified signatures to the Elections Division at the Secretary's office in Boston. Prinzivalli is now officially on the ballot.

"I want to thank everyone who was so eager and willing to sign my nomination papers. It's an exciting day," said Prinzivalli, who announced her run for office last October. "The taxpayers of Tewksbury and Wilmington will have an opportunity to vote for their future and put themselves first when they go to the polls. I've been going door to door, talking with voters, and so many of them are embracing my taxpayers first platform." 

Since announcing her candidacy, Prinzivalli has worked to lower the tax burden by collecting signatures for a ballot question that will reduce the sales tax to 5% and establish a permanent tax free weekend every year. Prinzivalli has also pledged to never vote herself a pay raise and will donate any increase in base salary to charity.

"We saw career politicians vote themselves $18,000,000 worth of pay raises in January of 2017. That's wrong," said Prinzivalli. "That taxpayer money belongs in the pockets of the people who earned it, the hard working families of Tewksbury and Wilmington, so they can pay their bills, pay their rent or mortgage or take their families on a vacation. It certainly doesn't belong in the pockets of our elected representatives."

Prinzivalli is seeking the seat currently held by Representative James Miceli (DWilmington) who has been in office since 1977 and recently celebrated his 83rd Birthday. Representative Miceli voted in favor of the pay raises and received a 20% increase. 
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