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Tewksbury Hires Inspectors Avoid To Recycling Fines

Jul 11, 2018 03:58PM ● By Bill Gilman


Tewksbury residents have been given a heads-up not to panic if they see people poking around their recycling containers over the next several weeks -- it's just the recycling inspectors.

According to Tewksbury officials, residents have been putting quite a bit of refuse into their recycling bins that shouldn't be there. The problem is significant enough that the town has been informed it could face fines if the situation is not corrected.

As a result, Tewksbury applied for and received a grant to pay for inspections of recycling bins around town. Five inspectors have been hired and items found in recycling bins that shouldn't be there are being tagged.

The inspections have received mixed reactions on local social media, with some residents upset about people literally going through their trash and the added work that might be involved, while others are happy the town is making the effort to make its recycling program successful.

Below is the official announcement the town released regarding the inspections and a list of some the items found in recycling bins, thus far, along with the correct way to dispose of those items.

The Town of Tewksbury was awarded a state grant to educate town residents on what to recycle and to help stop the town from being fined for non-recyclable items discarded in recycling.

Five Recycling Inspectors were hired through this grant to tag incorrect recycling.  Tagged recycling is logged and will not be picked up until your next scheduled recycling date.

Below is a sample of what was found in recycling carts this week:

What was tagged and NOT RECYCLINGCorrect Way to Dispose of Item
Dirty Diaperstrash
Bagged Recyclingbags are trash or brought back to store
Yard WasteClick Here for Yard Waste pickup schedule
Boxes (not broken down)only broken down or cut down boxes accepted that fit in recycle bin. Boxes that do not fit in recycling boxes (i.e. refrigerator box) go back to store you purchased item from or private hauler
Couch Cushionstrash
Packing Peanutstrash
Bed Railfurniture is a FREE pickup 800-442-9006
Trash bagstrash
Treesprivate hauler
Netstrash or private hauler
Woodprivate hauler
Anti-Freezehazardous waste - private hauler or take to Minuteman Hazardous Waste Products Facility, 60 Hartwell Ave., Lexington, MA.
Lawn chairfurniture is a FREE pickup 800-442-9006
Metal Fencingprivate hauler
Food Contaminated Containers/Platestrash- food contamination not accepted
Plastic Milk Jugs w/Milkshould have been rinsed out for recycling - food contamination not accepted
Textilestrash, donate, Simple Recycling
AC Filtertrash
Rugprepare properly and call for a FREE pickup 800-442-9006


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